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Saturday, April 20, 2019
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Junior Soccer Coach - Mini Soccer Formations 2-3-1

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Junior Soccer Coach - Mini Soccer Formations 2-3-1

Copyright Junior Soccer Coach 2004

We are often asked what is the best formation to play mini
soccer. There are plenty of different variations on how you
can structure your 6 outfield players. In this series of
articles we will explore different formations that we have
used and seen and outline the respective roles that need to
be fulfilled in these set ups.

These are not sure fire winning formations! You should know
what strengths you have in your team and hopefully, these
examples will give you some food for thought on how you may
best structure you team. Starting formation two players in
defense, three midfielders and one attacker. Organisation

The defense starts with two players in a line who cover the
left and right sides of the field.

The midfield players can be organised in a line or with the
central midfield player playing ahead of the two wingers
(more attacking) or slightly behind (more defensive). The
lone attacker should take up a position deep into the
opponents half.

Rules may change from state to state but the offisde rule
does not apply in mini soccer here in the UK, therefore the
lone attacker can take this position without any worries.

Left and Right Backs, mark the opponent's forward(s) and
are the only real defenders. They have to be dependable and
will only play a supporting role in offensive play if your
oppenents retreat all players.

The left, centre and right midfielders should also be
available to assist in defending dependant on where the
attack originates, they should try to stop or slow down
opposing plays before they get to the defensive line.

With only one attacker they can chase the ball and harry
their opponents, possibly forcing errors in passing.

This then allows the midfielders to take charge. Attack

Left, Centre and Right Midfielders main consideration
should be to distribute the ball among themselves and to
the striker. Possession is key and steady, patient build up
play is required.

Good passing techniques and movement off the ball, creating
good passing triangles should also be encouraged. The
single forward will have to cope with a game with few
chances to score.

The striker will also have to fight for every ball in the
attack and do a tremendous amount of running. Good
shielding and holding up the ball should be a key skill to
enable supporting midfield players to catch up with play.

During mini soccer, rolling substitues can be used and the
attacker should be rotated frequently to prevent fatigue.
Remember all young players like being striker so this is an
ideal opportunity to enable this.

AlsoScience Articles, the attack should originate from occasional crosses
and long balls down the flanks.

In this instance the right & left midfielders should use
the wings with the centre midfielder holding their position
to be used as an outlet and keep possession or if required
be on defensive duty.

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