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Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Practice Makes A Proper Golf Swing

Why are golf drills important? This artice goes some way to explaining that and why it is important for making a proper golf swing.

One does not become a great golf player overnight. It takes time and effort to learn the nuances of any game and golf s no exception. It is not just a question of hitting the ball as far as it can go and then try to put it into the hole. There are some nuances to the game that make it a joy to play. One of the first things that you have to learn is get that proper golf swing. This can only be done by working on some golf drills.

You may ask why golf drills are important. The answer is that, from the instant that you raise your club to the moment that you bring it down, only proper technique will see that the ball goes in the direction that it is supposed to go and as far as it should go with accuracy.

The first thing you do when playing golf is to tee it off. If you are a novice to the game, you might have hit the ball the first time, but you would probably have sliced it instead of hitting dead centre. What happens? The ball does not go where it should go and as far as it should go.

So, to improve your swing, you have to get a good and correct grip on your club as this controls the face of the club. There should be a “V” between your thumb and your forefinger as you hold the club and they should be pointed towards your trailing shoulder.

Be relaxed. Beginners will find it a bit difficult as they usually tend to be tensed. But a tensed body will make a hard grip and a bad shot.

When practicing, ask someone who has played the game to watch to see if you have got it correctly. If you are doing it yourself in the privacy of your home, try watching yourself on a mirror or videograph it and ether watch it yourself or get a professional to watch it and point out the mistakes that you are making.

When watching yourself play, check on your follow through. Some start off in the correct posture but shift positions at a later stage during the swing. The way to get the proper golf swing is to ensure that the club is positioned in such a way that the clubface will hit the ball. You will achieve this only by practice.

There is a good possibility that you are not getting the best out of your swing because of a faulty position at when you are gong to strike the ball. You can correct this by imagining yourself and the ball inside a small square or to make it visual. Mark off a small area on the floor in the form of a small square using masking tape and stand inside it while you practice to get the proper golf swing.

If position and posture is not your problem, check your pivots. If your turn is too shallow, try hitting the ball from the side in front of the feet and vice versa.

A flat swing is some golfer’s bane. If perchance you happen to be one of them, try to do some swings with your back about 6” from a wall. If, when you do a swing, you do not come into contact with the wall, all is well and good. Your positioning is good.

The winner of a round of golf is determined by the golfer who finished all the holes with the least number of strokes. The proper golf swing drills mentioned are so simple that you will not find the necessity to get any training aids. Make some adjustments to your position with either the help of a professional coach, a mirror or a movie camera. If you can make the necessary improvementsFree Web Content, you should be able to perform better in your next game.

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Whether you are just starting out or just wanting to take your game to the next level, the author Ian Bell says that improving on your game of golf need not be difficult or frustrating.

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