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Sunday, April 18, 2021
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Simple and Easy to Follow Exercises to Unlock the Secrets of the Perfect Golf Swing

As you get older you can tend to lose strength and flexibility and need to adapt your golf swing and other aspects of your game to keep playing like you were younger.

A while back I was asked this question through my golf newsletter - how much do I want my left knee to break down? I am right handed, in good shape and flexible, and I get a good shoulder turn, but I am not sure if I should restrict my left knee from turning in or just let it go. I just don't know how far to let it go, is too far bad? Should I restrict the movement to get a better coil and more torque? I had a word with golf coach Mark Anthony Montaquila, with whom I have produced the Body Golf series of videos and DVDs, to see what advice he had to offer. Here's what he told me ... Break down? I wouldn't call it that. That's a bit negative. You do however want your back knee to be "soft" A lot of instructors call it flexed. Basically, you want to be able to see your kneecap sticking out of your pants at the top of the backswing. I've developed several drills in order to train this movement without having to hit balls, which distracts you terribly because you're too preoccupied with where the ball is going. (like everyone else.) But for all of you reading this, here's a couple of freebees. 1. Begin in the neutral stance. 2. Lean into your golf posture with a golf club on your shoulders. 3. Begin turning into your backswings and thru swings. 4. MAKE SURE that your back knee is SOFT on the backswing motion and be sure to finish with a toe-drag. 5. This motion is simply the golf swing without holding a club. Try that until you can do it without thinking about it, then translate it to double-club pendulum swings. To do that, take a couple of long irons and set up in your normal swing posture, holding both clubs like they are one. Chin up and arms pretty much in line with the head. Start by turning the shoulders backwards and forwards - not a full swing. After a while, still using the shoulders, gradually increase to a three-quarters swing. It is not an arm chop, the movement comes from the shoulders with the arms relaxed and extended. If you struggle to swing from the shoulders, practice that by holding a club across your shoulders, behind your head and with one hand at either end of the club. You can then move the shoulders backwards and forwards to simulate the movement that a perfect golf swing will have. So in short, for the perfect golf swingPsychology Articles, keep that back knee soft and remember the toe drag.

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