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Monday, April 6, 2020
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The 5 ‘Keys’ to a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE golf pre shot routine you can learn immediately

What I'm about to disclose to you in this article is an easy to follow, 'Step-By-Step' formula to having a highly effective pre shot routine. Every golfer knows that this is a key element of their golf swing that must be executed effectively.

I know from experience that without one you will never become that quality player you dream of being. Take my advice; it will make a world of difference in your confidence and your scores. So let’s jump into it and get you that powerful pre shot routine you’ve always wanted.

Step #1
The first thing you should do is take a step back and line yourself up behind the ball looking towards the hole. Then we need you to take a deep breath and focus. You have to try and envision the shot you want to play from that position. Give yourself a mental picture of what you want to happen. This is critical to the success of any shot. If you don’t know what to do in your mind you can’t physically execute what you want.

Step #2
Now that you know the type of shot to hit, you have to figure out what club to hit it with. This is known as picking your club. Since you can attain the same result many different ways, always play to your strengths. If you prefer to hit a hard aggressive 7 iron instead of a laid off light 6 iron, then that’s the shot you should hit.

Step #3
After you’ve picked your club you have to pick your target to aim at. If you’re hitting a tee shot, pick a spot like a tall tree or building in the distance past the fairway. Make sure it is in line with the shot down the fairway that you want to hit. Do the same with your approach shots by picking a target past the green or the flag in the distance. Next we want you to pick a spot in front of the ball about 6-12 inches that is in line with your target in the distance. This spot will be used to line up your clubface.

Step #4
We are now going to make our practice swing. This can be done either while you are still behind the ball, or you can step up beside the ball. The idea at this moment is to practice and feel the swing you want to make. If you envision a high cut shot, then practice a high cut swing. If you see a low punch, then practice a punch swing. This helps your body do what your mind sees.

Step #5
Finally we are going to address the ball. This meaning that we are going to step up to the ball and get ready to hit the shot. This is important because you must be totally committed to your shot by now. You can do whatever you want to make yourself comfortable. Some people waggle the club, bounce with their knees, or take a deep breath. Do whatever works for you. Put the club on the ground, line it up with your target, and get ready to pull the trigger.

Well, there you have itFree Reprint Articles, “The 5 ‘Keys’ to a Highly Effective golf pre shot routine you can learn immediately”.

The best way to learn it is to use it the next time you play. Make a concise effort to do the steps outlined above and you will see how quickly it becomes a habit.

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John Bolt is the full time owner of With a strong understanding of the equipment used for golf , he knows the importance of having properly fitted golf clubs. You can visit him online to learn more about golf clubs and many other golf equipment ideas.

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