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Saturday, March 6, 2021
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Application of optical coating in electric light

As an important branch of modern optics, optical coatings developed in the wave theory of light and related theoretical basis. Optical films have been widely used in various optical devices (such as the laser resonator, interference filter, optical lens, etc.). The important role in the field of electric light has gradually been recognized.

In the electric light, the monolayer system is used in low pressure sodium lamps earlier. Low pressure sodium lamp arc tube temperature must ensure that the maximum at 260OC in order to make it visible output. In addition to the inner cylinder and outer blister drawn into a magnesia vacuum to prevent convective heat loss, but also by chemical spraying outside the bubble wall is coated with indium oxide doped with tin film. The film can infrared radiation is reflected back into the tube, and through the visible light. Tube near the core electrode coating has a similar role in the metal halide lamp.

Typical applications for fluorescent directional lighting, using TiO2 coated fluorescent tube to change its original radial symmetric light distribution, in order to achieve the purpose of directional lighting, such as reflective fluorescent aperture-type fluorescent lamps.

Department of TiO2 monolayer high visible light transmittance. In addition, this layer optical film with the nature of the semiconductor. Ultraviolet radiation, the internal hole diffusion to the surface hydroxyl adsorbed on the surface play a role in the formation of the active high hydroxyl gene, can be decomposed its surface adhesion of organic compounds, dust particles, at the same time play a sterilization effect. This thin layer of light as long as a small amount of UV radiation, its role in environmental protection is more significant, can be used in indoor lighting and outdoor flood lighting can also be used in water treatment, air purification and other environmental areas.

The single-layer dielectric film to selectively increase the reflectivity, but to further improve reflectivity in relation to use of multilayer dielectric. Film system, as long as the alternating high and low refractive index nickel oxide material coating covering the substrate (glass), can reflectivity great. The greater the difference between two thin film of refractive index, the better the multi-layer dielectric film is mainly used in: the incandescent light bulbs, lamps (incandescent, halogen) is still the main light source of indoor lighting, the efficiency is very low. The multilayer dielectric thin film can be part of the infrared reflection back to the filament, re-heating the filament in order to reduce power consumption to maintain the filament temperature required to improve the luminous efficiency to save energy. Selective reflection of the multilayer dielectric adjustable light source spectral power distribution, so that the color of the light source is suitable for the need. Using this technology to develop new car fog light. The technology can be used in colored light bulbs, the production of the mosquito lamp. Colored foam dielectric film technology to produce more than the color of colored glass or enamel, luminous efficiency is also higher. This light is widely used in film and television, food refrigeration, museums and other areas of lighting in colored interference film can reduce the thermal radiation of the illuminated object to remove infrared light bulbs or lamps.

Optical barium titanate coating has become more widely used in electric light. But for the present, it is still in its infancy. The earlier applications of monolayer department and the more sophisticated process accumulate experience to the research and development of multilayer dielectric films. Considering factors such as economy and efficiency, the industrialized and market-oriented applications of multilayer dielectric films and even electric light sources requires further research and development. With the related materials continue to emerge, the application of sophisticated equipment and application of new technologyFree Articles, optical coating technology is bound to inject new vitality for the development of light industry.Source:

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