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Friday, February 26, 2021
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Details On Bulletproof Vests

Bullet proof vests are a type of body armor designed to reduce common battle field injuries to the people in combat. As the main causes for mortality in war front were fatal injuries to the torso, it was an important task for researches to find a way to protect from impact to the torso. This article details the various types designed for different purposes and uses.

Army men, police personnel and security men use several kinds of gears to protect themselves from different hazards. In the early nineteenth century, researchers found that most of the army men died due to injury to torso.

As a result, scientists made extensive research and developed bulletproof body armors, which not only protect the torso, but also considerably bring down mortality rate at war fronts. However, though these armors are bulletproof, but the impact of high intensity bullets may cause internal injury to individuals.

These bulletproof armors are known as bulletproofvestsor bulletproof vests. Modern day’s bulletproofvestscover the entire torso (chest, back and abdomen) of the user. They safeguard the individual's body from revolver bullets, hand made pistols bullets and from small fragments of grenades. Apart from, soldiers, security men and police officers, even affluent people or political leaders wear bulletproofvestto protect themselves.

There are several types of bulletproof vests. Police officers and security guards use simple types of protective vests, which are made of hard plates and protective clothing. These vests cannot stop high impact gunshot and to sustain higher caliber bullets.

These days' police officers have started using Kevlar vests. These types of bulletproofvestshave several layers of interwoven fabrics or metals such as ceramic, Kevlar or titanium. These vests have the ability to stop bullets from penetrating into the wearer's body. Kevlar vests are five times tensile stronger than the steel metal of similar weight.

Other types of bulletproofvestsare made of Vectran. Vectran is a tough material and is much stronger as compared to Kevlar vests. Soldiers and mariners use such types of vests.

Working Of The Bullet Proof Vest:

Bulletproofvestspreads the entire energy induced by the bullet, laterally all over the vest and deforms the bullet simultaneously. It works same as that of a soccer net, which stops the soccer ball without rebounding it.

This type of collision is elastic. If a bulletproofvestcontains too many plates of ceramic or titanium, then bullet may deflect. Instead of hard ceramic pieces, if the bulletproofvestcontains only bulletproof clothingFree Web Content, then it does not deflect.

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