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Sunday, December 5, 2021
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Different Types of Logo

Logos. We see it everywhere, in our home, in the street, on television, the internet. But we never brood on the meaning a logo has. There is a lot of meaning behind each logo, that many of us aren't aware of. What is a logo? To say, in simple words, a logo represents a brand. If you aim to build a strong brand identity, an impactful logo design is a must. Every logo has a story to tell, many efforts, luck and creativity. So, knowing the advantages of different types of logo will be better before logo designing. 





The emblem is the oldest logo, beginning from middle age onwards. In the emblem, a text is enclosed inside the symbol. Emblem stands out from the rest without isolating its elements. A type of logo in the emblem form is sure to win brand reliability and quality. The classical look of the emblem is what makes government agencies and educational institutions choose an emblem. The automobile industries mostly prefer emblems. Some of the famous examples are Mastercard, Starbucks, Harley Davidson, Volkswagen, BMW, to name a few. 




The term abstract in itself symbolises what this type of logo conveys- a logo designed in impressive shape, normally based on a concept.  In the first glance itself, the logo poses an ambiguity. These types of logo are normally used by large companies, but very hard to design. These logos have less literal representation. These types of logo can be chosen if you simply want an image without a text. 

With an abstract logo for a business, there will be instant brand recognition. Some great examples are- Nike, Playstation, Pepsi, Chase, to name a few. 




Any logo with the brand's name is a wordmark logo, with emphasis given on typography. These types of logo strengthen a brand's visual identity. With this aspect in mind, designing should be done by carefully creating the font style. Mostly the word meaning will be associated with the color, and font of the logo, including the case of a logo word with no special meaning. 

The Logo of Symphony Events, Indian Wedding Planner in Australia is another example.


One great thing with word type is that the logo is the name itself, which means there will be strong recognition among the audience. 

Some prominent examples are Google, Sony, Facebook, Coca-cola, Canon, Yahoo, to name a few. Mostly wordmark logos are based on a particular signature, font or handwriting. Because of its simplicity, a wordmark logo conveys history and confidence, if used by an established company. But it doesn't mean that wordmark is restricted to large companies, startups can also use it to help develop an identity. The effectiveness of a wordmark logo will be more if the brand has an out of the ordinary name. For the wordmark logo ASE System Engineering shows the best example.




A letterform logo is distinctive with the wordmark because of its usage of the initials of the brand name and is completely typographic. Some prominent examples are HBO, CNN, HP, NASA, to name a few. In most cases, brands with difficulty to pronounce names or lengthier names go for a letterform logo. Moreover, there is an added advantage of brand recognition in global markets. Lettermark stands out with its simplicity. It will be easier to recall HP rather than Hewlett-Packard. One of the best examples for letterform logo is Rainbow Aluminium logo.


Pictorial Mark


You might have noticed logos simply with a symbol or an image or even an icon. Then you have seen a brandmark or a pictorial mark of a brand. Apple, WWF, Nike, Twitter, Dominos pizza. This type of logo evokes a deeper connection with the audience since a textual image is less likely to remember than a pictorial one. A pictorial mark gets instant recognition from anywhere. Therefore new brands springing up might find it difficult while using this logo since they have to face stiff competition with their counterpart. The image, while designing a logo should be made such that an average customer should be able to link the logo with the brand. Mostly, pictorial marks update over time. Consult the best logo designing company to get the best service.




A signature is a combination of the wordmark, tagline and symbol. Often this logo contains a separated logotype and mark, but some are not so. And if a particular company offers varied products and services, then one logo won't be enough. 


Combination Mark


The name indicates what combination mark is. It combines both a wordmark and brandmark. Sometimes when the brand becomes renowned, they just remove the word mark. An example of a combination mark is Adidas, McDonald's, Burger King, to name a few. The great advantage of a combination mark is that people can connect both the brand name and image, and can easily recall the brand. 


Final Thoughts


One crucial thing while Website designing is to see whether the logo correctly expresses your business or not. The designer, before designing, should conduct thorough research so that it will help him identify what works. If you have done with that, the next step would be choosing the apt font and colourBusiness Management Articles, that best suit the brand. You are a step far away if you have limited imagination. Refer to plenty of examples and go ahead! Let creativity do the rest.

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Ryan Yash is the consultant at Webandcrafts, An Ecommerce Development Company in India. For the better application development services and web designing services , contact Webandcrafts.

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