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Saturday, July 20, 2019
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DirecTV with DVR and TiVo!

In today's busy life schedules it can be hard to monitor your children's television shows the entire time they are watching television. It can also be hard to know for sure that all the channels and s...

In today's busy life schedules it can be hard to monitor your children's television shows the entire time they are watching television. It can also be hard to know for sure that all the channels and show aired on your television broadcast is suitable for young children. It seems that within the last 20 years the over seers of what can and can not be air on television have become more and more lax with what can be aired. Television shows have become more vulgar and violent even with the children's shows sneaking in those little profanity words here and there. With all the unsuitable shows filling each channel it is hard to keep your children's eyes on the good shows. Well, DirecTV believes that it is about time that you parents get some help in this supervision department. DirecTV Satellite is now making available with their Satellite services DVR ( Digital Video Recording ) systems with TiVo!

Benefits of DVR ( Digital Video Recorder ) and TiVo!

For the Children's Benefit:

With the DVR system with TiVo from DirecTV not only can you have a channels selection of over 195 standard channels and over 140 HD ( High Definition ) channels but you can make password protected settings for them all! TiVo has a special setting call the "Kid Zone". With "Kid Zone" TiVo creates a little side branch of TiVo just for the children's channels. When TiVo is in "Kid Zone" it blocks out such show like South Park and Family Guy. The way the "Kid Zone" setting knows to block these shows is it creates a virtual TiVo menu and virtual channels, pecifically for the children that contains only channels with good wholesome children's shows. The leading parenting and family groups chose these shows and channels for the "Kid Zone". The main contributors to this decision were Common Sense Media and The Parents TV Council.

For the Parents Benefit:

Along with TiVo to help filter out the filth on TV and make television viewing for your children safe and wholesome the DVR is a great benefit for parents. The DVR system allows you to record television shows and movies right onto the DVR system. The DVR system can hold over 200 hours of show time. Also with DVR you no longer have to sacrifice you favorite show because your child has a special new Disney movie they have been waiting to see because with the DVR system you can record your show while the kids are happily watching their show. After their bed time you can your mate can settle down in the silence and watch you shows. IF you decide to record your children's shows for tomorrow and watch your shows that evening you don't have to worry about it being interrupted by little fights or injuries from falling down onto the carpet. The DVR system with TiVo allows you to fast forward, pause and rewind your television show so you do not have to miss a minuet!

DirecTV with DVR and TiVo is a great family set up helping you to keep your home television clean for the kids and still being a great provider of entertainment for the parents. DirecTV definitely hit the nail on the head when it came to the best family television set up!

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