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Monday, November 18, 2019
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How do I fix Overheating and Noisy Laptop Fan Problem

Once you are done, place everything back as it was. Turn on the laptop to check whether the problem is solved or not. We are sure that it will behave like a new laptop.


Be it a Dell, HP, Acer or any other brand’s laptop, it may create some issues after some years. The most common issue could be overheating or noisy laptop fan. Both these issues won’t let a user focus on their work. There may be two reasons for the second issue. These are:

  • Dust
  • Overheating

This has to stop in order to make you work without hearing that weird grinding, buzzing or rattling noise. Apart from the aforementioned two, there could be some other reasons like the cooling fan could be running faster than its usual speed and the non-stop rate could be blamed for it. A laptop being used under the extreme workload condition could also cause overheating, which further results in the noisy laptop fan issue.

Even a compact laptop is easily prone to the dust, which in turn causes this noisy laptop issue. It is because the dust gets clogged to the fan, making it run hot and noisy. Now, the challenge here is what to do to cool the laptop fan and get rid of this issue. Thankfully, we have the solution to fix it up!

Running Processes

If your laptop is noisy, it simply means that it overworked. To overcome this situation, check out all the running processes to know which intense process is making the CPU to grind harder than the usual. If there are no such processes that are close to running at 100, then it is the CPU fan that needs to be checked.

 Check Task Manager

Open the task manager by right clicking on the task bar. Now, kill all the ongoing process in order to free the CPU fan from whirring up or buzzing. If you are playing video games or working on advanced software, stop for a while.

Use a Laptop Cooler

You can also use a laptop cooler can be very effective for those who use their laptop for gaming or working on such software that require the CPU work for an extended period. You can select from laptop coolers that have cooling baseplates and those clipped on the laptop to straight zap or suck out the hot air.

Cleaning Up Your Laptop Fan Is A Must

If none of the aforementioned solutions work in your favor, then go for cleaning up your laptop fan. Over a period of time, dust and hair could pile up and get clogged into your laptop, resulting in reducing the airflow to your laptop. Cleaning it up would do half of the job instantly.

If you know a bit about the inside out of the CPU, then you may do it yourself. Otherwise, you can call a technician to get it done for you. While doing it yourself, make sure you remove the battery first in order to avoid static electricity. Also, don’t forget to unplug the AC adapter as well. NowFind Article, blow out the dust using an air compressor.

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