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Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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How is Technology influencing the Business Process Operations?

In today’s world of advanced and cutting-edge technologies, every business and their process operations are getting impacted positively. These technologies help to improve their productivity, accelerate the development process, improve the skill of their employees and gain profits in the long term.

Modern technologies are drastically changing the way a business operates. Today, it is hard to imagine a business that hasn’t been benefitted from the digital transformation. Robust technologies like cloud, mobile solutions, smart analytics, Robotic Process Automation, etc. are playing a significant role in the evolution of business process operations. The introduction of information technology has boosted business innovation.

Let’s consider an example. In an organization, the admin needs to keep the paper records of the health and safety of all the employees and save their information on the system. It is a highly time-consuming process that may even lead to human errors. But with digitalization and automated documentation, the admin will just need to scan the documents and each document and the information in it is saved automatically in the system.

Thus, technology impacts how companies hire their resources, invest their money, market their products and everything else. This article is an attempt to analyse the significant impact of technology in modernizing and enhancing business process operations. Let us get into more details.

Increased productivity
Improved business process operations speed up the development of new products. They help to enhance the skills of the workers and also make their job much easier. They minimize the efforts in giving personal attention to the business processes and at the same time does not hamper the quality of work and customer experience. Thus, it boosts the overall productivity of the businesses. For instance, many healthcare organizations make use of Practice Management Software for streamlining the processes and workflow. These solutions increase the accuracy of the processes while reducing errors and ultimately result in quality patient care.

Demand for new products
Modern technology has provided cutting-edge tools and solutions to solve complex business problems. Improved hardware along with smart applications have made it possible to develop high-quality products and cater to the ever-growing demand of the products. Technological innovations have boosted the product development in various domains like healthcare, food, transportation, logistics, manufacturing, finance, etc.

Accelerated business operations
After the introduction of technology, many business tasks that used to take months or even years to accomplish a few years ago can now be completed in the matter of short time. Several automated data-entry tasks, web purchasing, online money transfers, sending automated emails to many customers at once, sharing of files online, etc. are a few examples of accelerated business processes. Currently in many businesses, RPA technology is being used in a large scale for process automation. These processes can be done at a much faster pace while boosting production, sale, product distribution, capitalization, etc.

Improved resource management
There are highly advanced software systems available in the market for resource management. These systems enhance the resource management in various ways. They ensure automated resource planning. They provide real-time visibility and increase accountability by keeping track of time-sheets, payroll, labour costs, etc. As a result, it is possible to utilise the resources in a much efficient manner.

Informed decision-making
Good business decisions can lead to the success of an organization, while bad decisions can lead a business to high losses. By making the use of modern tools and technologies, important business analytics can be collected and used for making smart business decisions. For instance, technologies like video conferencing, promoting businesses on social media platforms, online surveys, industry forums, etc. help the businesses to promote their product and get valuable customer feedback. Accordingly, the businesses can customize the products/services and make improvements in their processes.

Also, there are software tools like Google Analytics which help to know the sources of traffic on the website, information of the visitors, traffic flow, website bounce rates, etc. Such insights are very necessary for decision-making, especially in digital marketing.

Key Takeaways:
Business process operations have already entered a new phase of transformation. Their enhancement is positively impacting the businesses in terms of time management, resource management, accuracy, productivity, efficiency and money management.

Also, the companies using advanced technologies for their business process operations have a competitive edge over their competitors in the market. For instance, a business that uses a dedicated mobile app can always influence their customers more effectively. They can do direct advertising of their deals and offers. They can collect genuine reviews from them and work on improving their business processes. On the other hand, a business that is using RPA for business automation can save a lot of time of their employees and ensure that the process is free of human errors. So, it is evident that powerful technologies can transform business processes in multiple ways.

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Shelly Megan is a Project Manager at Biz4Solutions with 14+ years of experience in Project Management, Quality Assurance and Test Management in IT-related services. She has experience in defining and implementing quality management strategies to ensure exceptional delivery of software projects

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