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Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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How to Pick a Powerbank

Powerbanks are the latest trend in the gadget world. And today as we definitely have a large amount of dependency over our smartphones, powerbank has become a necessity. But before picking up a powerbank for your smartphone it is always better to keep a certain number of points into consideration. In this power bank buying guide, we are going to discuss some of those points in details. 

What is a powerbank?


So, let us start our topic with the topic that what exactly a powerbank is. Powerbank is basically a combination of battery cell routed by sophisticated PCB so that you can charge your smartphone on the go.

How a Powerbank works?


Working of a powerbank is pretty simple, you have to charge at first the powerbank fully with the cable which is coming with it. In most of the cases the cable with which a powerbank is required to charge comes along with the powerbank. Otherwise any ordinary data cable or smartphone charging cable with mini USB pin is going to work great. When the powerbank is charged fully you can carry it along with you and can connect your smartphone with the charging cable of the smartphone with the powerbank when you feel the need to charge your smartphone.


Picking a proper powerbank for your smartphone.


Now we should be focusing on exactly what are the points one must be taking care while picking a powerbank. There are basically a number of points, about which you can learn from powerbanky's guide on buying the best powerbank for your smartphone in greater details.


Capacity of the powerbank:


Capacity of the powerbank implies the amount of the charge that the powerbank can hold and retain. It is measured in the unit mAh, the same with which your smartphone battery capacity is also measured. Most common type of the capacities are found to be like 2600 mAh, 5200 mAh and 10400 mAh. So before zeroing on any model, you should be checking the capacity of the powerbank and settle whether the powerbank would serve the purpose of yours.


Input/Output Current Rating:


Input current rating comes nest followed by the output current rating. Both of these ratings are just associated to the charging time of the powerbank and the smartphone or the device which is going to get charged by the powerbank.

Normally the rating of input current is found as 5V 1A and 5V 2A. As you can predict it well, the higher is the current rating value of the powerbank, faster is can charge itself and better for you.

Same happens with the output current rating of the powerbank, higher is the value, faster it can charge the smartphone, subject to the fact that the smartphone can draw the current which is provided by the powerbank and some other external factors like the capacity of the charging cable, health of the smartphone battery and device depletion.


Number of ports:

Number of ports in a powerbank plays a very important role when you are going to use the concerned powerbank to charge more than a single device, say more than one smartphone or a smartphone or a tablet with a smartphone. In such cases, the number of output USB ports matters a lot. So you must be scrupulous about the number of ports associated with the powerbank when you have the plan in mind to charge devices simultaneously. You can go through the guide on how to buy powerbank from powerbanky to get some ideas on the available powerbanks with numerous output ports.



Portability is the most important virtue of a powerbank thus in order to make sure that a powerbank is going to become useful one must check the size and the weight of a powerbank always. It is tempting no doubt to go for a higher capacity powerbank, but in general with the capacity of a powerbank, normally the size, weight and the price is found to be increased.


So, in order to wrapping it up, these are really handful of key factors, but at the same time they are crucial in selecting the best power bank avaialble online. Hence, taking care of these aspects scrupulouslyFree Articles, you can avoid picking up the wrong power bank for your smartphone for sure. 



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