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Sunday, January 19, 2020
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Important Information About Xbox 360 3 Red Light Repair When The Power Supply Is Red

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When you see three red lights, flashing on the ring of your console, this is one of the most horrifying and annoying situation. In this condition, the only light, which you will not find flashing red, will be the one, which you will see at the upper quadrant, at the right side, but you should not be worried at all, as Xbox 360 is a gaming console and it suffers from common and usual problems, just like any other video game or console. When you are experiencing from red light on the console, you can follow the information, which you are going to read in the following paragraphs, which will really going to take you out of the 3 red lights problem. 

There at times, when you will see that the power supply light will turn red or will be powered off as well. You can analyze the color of light, when you switch on the console and look at the light, as it will be green in the beginning, then will turn into orange and finally will become red in color. There can be a number of reasons of this problem, but the most common reason is the problem with the external power supply. Basically, the power supply is manufactured in such a way, along with effective built in systems, which helps in the protection of the system, console and the power supply. Therefore, whenever there will be exceedingly high voltage supply or current, then the power supply light will turn into red color and at extreme condition, it will be automatically, turned off. 

Now at this point of time, you will be definitely thinking to resolve the issue. Before attempting anything, you must see if the power supply is hot or cool, as the xbox 360 3 red rings can be the result of extremely hot power supply. Once you have come to know that it has become hot, you will have to bring it back to cool condition. You must switch off your system and place the power supply in an airy place. Do not switch on your system, unless or until the red light turns into orange. When the light will start appearing orange in color, then it means the power supply has been cooled down and you can switch on your console. 

Another basic and general way to repair the power supply problem, is to make sure that you have plugged in the cable of power supply properly into the socket/slot. If you have plugged in the power supply into an extension, then you must check the voltage level and to keep your console at safe side, insert the cable directly into the wall socket. You can also replace the power supply unit or a new cord and if you have the one, you can check out, if it will work well or not. If you will still be unable to get rid of through xbox 360 repair guides, then it is for sure that the problem is not with the power supply, but is with the console itself. In this condition, you will have to take the console to Microsoft repair shop or to any other repair workshop, in order to get the problem fixedHealth Fitness Articles, in a proper way.  

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