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Saturday, February 16, 2019
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Ionic Breeze Quadra Reviewed

For the millions of people who suffer from indoor allergies, an air filter can provide a much-needed relief. There have been hundreds of air purifiers on the market, but few have been advertised and praised quite like Sharper Image's Ionic Breeze Quadra. Some would claim that this is a revolutionary step in indoor air filtration.

Before we do qualitative review of this device it is important to first take an in-depth look at the technology behind the ionic breeze. The science upon which the ionic breeze is based is actually fairly simple. The unit pulls air in towards an electrical field that charges incoming particles. The dust, pollen, and other materials are given a charge that is electrically opposite that of the metal core. As a result, the dust, etc. is drawn electromagnetically towards the metal rod (which as actually a flat steel bar, easily removed and cleaned when dirty). The term ionic in the brand's name refers to the charge given to the incoming particles. When a molecule, or a lone atom, has either too few or too many electrons it will have a particular charge (+/-) and is said to be ionic.

One of the nicest features of the ionic breeze quadra - and usually the most lauded by its owners - is its quietness. The unit produces a noticeable breeze in order to trap airborne particles, but makes very little mechanical sound in doing so. The unit is approximately 2.5 feet tall, and can be easily placed in the corner of a room, without taking up much horizontal space. In fact, in most cases it is hardly noticeable at all, even when running.

The ionic breeze has been thoroughly tested, and does in fact do a very good job in trapping allergens flying through the air. However, on a down side, there have been a few complaints that the device causes headaches. Usually, these reports have come from individuals who have kept the device in the room in which they sleep. Thus, it is advised that the unit not be placed in the bedroom.

In addition to running quietly, the unit is also praised for being very environmentally and economically friendly. Because you do not have to buy filters for the device (the metal core is simply wiped clean about once a week) you will save money as well as reduce waste. Also, the unit runs on only 10 watts a day; an impressively small number compared with other air filtration units.

The take home message is that the ionic breeze quadra is both effective and economical. If you don't mind a little work in cleaning the device every week, and you take precautions in its placementFree Articles, it is surely worth the $250 asking price.

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