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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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Mobile App Security: Learn Effective Ways to Secure Your App

Ensuring top-notch app security is very crucial for each and every business these days as it helps improve and preserve the reputation of your business in the market. Your customers need the surety th...

Ensuring top-notch app security is very crucial for each and every business these days as it helps improve and preserve the reputation of your business in the market. Your customers need the surety that their data is safe and secure even after downloading your app on their smartphone. Thus it becomes mandatory for businesses to ensure that their app is completely safe and does not harm any of the data on their smartphones.  

According to Nielsen Total Audience's first-quarter 2018 report, the U.S. consumer spends more than two hours 42 minutes a day on digital media while they spend around 62% of their time using one or other apps on their smartphones. Hence considering the importance of users data app owners must provide optimum security for their platform. 

Why App Security is Very Crucial for App Owners? 

The process of examining and testing the developed app to ensure that the app is secure and safe from all the attacks can be simply termed as app security. Businesses some time fails to monitor the bandwidth and expertise of their app which finally results in the data breach and cost their reputation in the market. Every business is different and unique hence they need to develop an effective security strategy that helps them to prevent attacks, protect user data, and much more. 


Lack of Security Budget Can Cost High to Your Business  

According to the OWASP Mobile Security Group Umbrella Project report, 90% of apps have major security risks as 50% of businesses don’t have a separate budget for securing their app. Hence to make app secure businesses must plan a separate budget for their app security as this investment can benefit them on a huge basis. 

App security is an essential aspect to consider for every business as it ensures app users that their app is secure from all security threats. App security not only reduces the biggest security risks but also increase operational efficiency, enhance trust between brand and app users, helps the brand to address security complaints, and much more. Investing in-app security is definitely a worthwhile investment for the business which will provide them high ROI. 


Top Ways to Secure Your App from the Biggest Security Risk 

One of the most popular targets of cybercriminals these days is data breaches through mobile applications. Even a small data breach can cost around $3.86 million to the app entrepreneurs. Data can be leaked due to various reasons like weak cryptography, unsecured wi-fi networks, or any other vulnerabilities. All these reasons can cost you much higher and can be considered as the biggest risk for your app. 

As per the Nicholas Fearn report, mobile application attacks have increased a lot in recent years, it has noted that it has increased by 63% in 2017, so it becomes crucial for businesses to stay aware about all the security threats that come on the way. Therefore you have to learn how to handle it and make your app safe and secure for the use of the users. There are a few of the top ways which you can consider to secure your developed app from all security threats.  


Unauthorized WiFi Network 

One of the biggest security threats is unsecured and unauthorized WiFi as they are a paradise for all the hackers. As per CNBC's recent report, entrepreneurs are compromising with mobile vulnerabilities which becomes beneficial to hackers as there is always a rise of endpoint smartphones at a different place. 

Users always avoid warning of the smartphones about unauthorized and unsecured servers and continue to connect to dangerous networks. Cybercriminals leverage these unprotected networks and steal and get access to sensitive data of the users directly from their phones or app, therefore businesses have to make sure that their app data is secure even when they connect to an unauthorized and unsecured WiFi network.  


Lack of Data Storage

Lack of data storage surely is one of the common app security loopholes. Hence while crafting the app for businesses, developers have to make sure that they craft in such a way that it secures user's data surely. The user's storage space is no more sandbox environment because a security breach can occur at their space also. 

Due to the acquisition of mobile users crucial data can be accessed, used and can easily be manipulated. This can result in damage to your business, identity theft and external policy violation (PCI). One of the best ways to secure your data storage is by adding a layer of encryption to your base layer which is provided by the operating system. By adding an encrypted layer you can ensure your app security, it also helps you avoid the dependence on the basic level encryption which is provided by OS.


Malicious Code

As per a Statista report, more than 194 billion apps were downloaded by smartphone users in 2018. In recent times utility apps like Uber are more downloaded. Users download an app similar to Uber for taxi business or any other app from both the leading app store (Apple and Google) or third-party websites. Hackers can target an unsecured app that is already available on the app store to exploit the user's sensitive data when they download such an app from the app store. 

One of the researchers revealed that a malware strain Called "Gooligan" hit around 1.3 million Android phones. Due to this malware strainArticle SubmissionFind Article, hackers were able to exploit numerous users' data from their smartphones. Most of the hackers make a copy of famous apps and plant them in third-party websites and use this malicious software to steal user's data. Hence you have to create awareness among users to download your app from official app stores only.


Mobile App Security: Best Way to Ensure Your Reputation in Business Market

Mobile app security is one of the crucial aspects that every business has to consider for making their app secure and safe for use of the user. If your app is not secure then not a single user will prefer to download it from the leading app store as they don't want to lose their sensitive data. 

Hence if you want that more and more users should trust your app and should download it from the leading app store than make sure to consider all the security measures. Developing a secure app for your business can help you to improve your reputation in the market and at the same time helps to develop a strong relationship with the customers.  


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Shady Johnson is an digital influencer at Elluminati Inc, A Indian Based On Demand Mobile App and uber clone Development Company. A creative marketing strategists with over 7 + years of experience to build inbound marketing strategies and guiding for mobility venture.

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