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Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Never pay electric bill again, use solar and wind power to generate electricity at your home.

Renewable or alternate source of energy is going to play a big part in near future. It is easy to install, is low priced and can substantially cut down one's electricity bill or abolish it altogether. It may even become a very good source of income.

These are hard days. Cost of living is going higher and higher by each day while earning is more or less static. Thatís the scenario for most of the people. If there could be a way to cut expenditure, I doubt there is any person who wonít like that and will be eager to know what the way is. And if the same expenditure reducing way also proves to be an earning opportunity, well, anyone can guess what will happen.

Believe it or not, such an opportunity actually exists there. It is called renewable or alternate source of energy. Everybody is annoyed by the rising electricity bill they get from the power companies each month and it is a substantial amount of bill that needs to be paid quickly or face the consequence of leaving without lights. Alternate source of energy has the potential of cutting down energy bills by up to 80% or even eliminate it totally. Further, if one can generate more than enough power to meet his own needs, the same power company that has so far been sending and collecting bills might just be interested to reverse the position and pay for your excess energy. And to generate power in oneís own backyard without any heavy machineries but with the help of some portable kits is a more stimulating thought, isnít it? It is really possible and one can do that alright. The whole thing is nothing but the idea of generating electricity from solar panels and wind energy.

Most people never thought of building their own power station in their houses though. The basic reason might be that they are afraid about the cost thinking that the cost of building such an installation would be high. But actually it is not so. Companies are there that have come forward to invent portable power generation kits that can be built and maintained by any lay man and that too, at an amazingly low price. They supply complete step-by-step setup, fully illustrated manual and easy to follow video instructions so that any one able to follow instructions can handle the whole thing without any difficulty.

Solar panel power generation kit does cost much. If one also wants to generate power with wind energy along with solar power, the total cost will not be more than 500 to 600 dollars. It may be mentioned here that it is always advisable to install both solar panel and wind energy power generating units. The reason is simple; one should always have the flexibility so that he does not run out of power. In case of cloudy weather running for a number of days, the wind energy generation unit will come more than handy. Or else one can not be self sufficient in power generation.

Excess power generated can also be stored for future use or distribution by way of storage batteries. The manuals of the companies, apart from step by step demonstration to set up the unit also reveal where to get batteries for free or at a very negligible price. These are high quality deep cycle batteries which are perfect for storing energy produced by the alternative energy system.

The benefits of setting up oneís own energy generation unit are as given below:

a)††††† It is easy to install and being portable in nature, can be taken along with without any difficulty. This aspect is very helpful for those who have to change residence for any reason.

b)†††† The set up is illustrated in easily understandable language and backed by video demonstration making it all the more easier for anyone to install.

c)††††† It is most affordable in terms of cost. A solar panel and a wind energy power generation unit together cost less than 600 $ and thus saving thousands on energy bills and enabling one to spend the savings on other important matters.

d)†††† Apart from savings on energy bills, it can even be an earning option by selling the excess power generated.

e)†††† This system of power generation is totally eco friendly and one is also helping our beloved planet environmentally along the way.

f)†††††† The companies have excellent after sale service to help buyers in case of any problem faced by them. Customer queries are attended to within 24 hours.

Consider all the above facts and think if itís not the proper time to start your own power generation? What can be more pleasing than to hit several bullís eyes with a single dart? You are having the pleasure of generating your own power and not depending on anybody or company for that matter, you are saving your hard earned money each month, you are even earning from the sell of your excess power, you can take the whole system wherever you like and start generating power at your will and last but not the least, you are also doing your part to conserve the only planet we have for us, saving its environmentArticle Search, for which your future generation will thank you.†

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