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Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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Popup Blocker Software Awareness - Knowing What's Available

Unbiased information on all types of popup blocker software and tools: Norton popup blocker, ATT/Yahoo, installing and removing them, modifying their settings. Also has valuable information on the AOL, Google, Windows XP, MAC, Verizon and Yahoo toolbar.

In the world of Popup Blocker Software there used to only be a few available. Today, this popup blocker software is everywhere. Many of the major Internet based companies have a proprietary version of a popup blocker program or an IE 7 or Firefox  browser plug-in (usually a toolbar creator like Google uses) that often has at least one feature the others don’t. Amongst the many popup blockers available are Stopzilla, safari, Comcast, Mirar, IE 7, CID and a plethora of private label brands for thousands of different software companies.


Many of the popup blocker software programs work the same, after all there are a finite list of ways to create popups there for there are a finite list of ways to block them. Popup Blocker Software is however getting more sophisticated due to the popup marketers getting cleaver with their code and methods.  In some cases they actually get around the Popup Blocker Software by tricking you into installing an adware or malware program that locks onto known popup blocker software programs and deactivates them. You won’t often know it happened until you get popups that are un-blockable.


They usually come packaged with those free screen savers or pirated programs and run in the background during the setup routine. They use a combiner program that is basically a program that creates a third executable file that’s only job is to simultaneously run two programs and it is masked as the free program.


The first program is launched and has a graphical user interface, this is the actual free program. The other program runs 100% invisibly and won’t even show up in your task manager list! Since the program you downloaded ran perfectly you never suspected what happened until later when you can’t track it back to any software you installed.


You could have ran 10 programs and just that one was infected. Sometimes the program is a dll file and so it doesn't run until you do something in the free program that calls that file and runs a set of routines that cause havoc on your computer as well as unstoppable popups even those that take up your whole screen.


Software is getting more sophisticated utilizing the latest in artificial intelligence routines to spot an attack on the programs startup routine in the registry and other things these malware programs to do avoid being detected.


The malware creators are however running out of tricks that work as the Popup Blocker Software is not just looking for known algorithms and HTML code that creates them, they are working proactively to become alerted when aforementioned malware is installed and trying to circumvent the Popup Blocker Software protections!


This is not often included in the free popup blockers however which gives you a reason to pay for this software, but most popup blockers work incredibly well unless you install malware, so if your careful about what you download you should be OK with the free versions which essentially block all the ways a popup could possibly get in.


The malware programs use the same tricks, but by deactivating the blocker programs or creating a rule within it white listing itself, it circumvents these protections. Always make sure your popup blocker program is running, don't assume it is, just look on the toolbar where it usually shows up if it isn't there and you can't get it to run, scan your computer for malwareFree Web Content, the best tool is a free program called Spybot search and destroy (you can Google it).

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Hi...My name is Hwang Keum-OK...for more great information on popup blockers, check out Again, that site is: Popup Blocker Reviews. Up-to-date and useful -- I highly recommend it!

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