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Friday, September 25, 2020
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Power From The Heavens - The Solar Powered Generator

The continued advances in solar power, has led to the solar powered generator becoming an increasingly viable alternative energy source. How does this affect our day to day lives?

How many of us have not delighted in a summer's day? A picnic in the park and the sound of laughter under a blue sky in the shining sun can recharge even the most worn down of batteries. If this rings true then you have experienced the power of Sol, our sun which makes all life on Earth possible. All growing things ultimately rely on the power of the sun. But human beings are becoming more and more adept at harnessing the life giving rays of the sun and a solar powered generator is becoming a common sight in many backyards.
The solar power generator works by capturing the power of the sun through a photovoltaic array and then using this energy to power a generator. The solar power generator can come in a variety of sizes the only limitation being the amount of area that can be covered by photovoltaic panels. Although almost always installed by professionals, the solar powered generator and the attendant panels are available as a do it yourself project. As with all electrical installations it would be advisable to at least consult with a professional prior to beginning the installation process. 
Solar power generators as especially suitable where homes are far removed from access to the national or regional power grid, in these cases solar power is a viable alternative to gas or diesel power generation. Making solar power even more attractive is the fact that there are state and federal government tax rebates available for the installation of solar power in homes. 
An alternative to photovoltaic solar power is the concentration of solar energy through the use of vast arrays of mirrors, which track and concentrate the power of the sun onto a tower, where water is heated to boiling point and used to power a turbine, providing electrical power to the grid. These vast ‘solar farms’ can be found across the world in areas which enjoy high levels of annual sunlight. The ecologically friendly nature of solar power is making these solar farms more and more attractive to governments. They are especially suitable for power generation in countries where hydro power may not be an option due to aridity. The portable solar powered generator is also being increasingly used for both recreation and in the emergency services. Advances in the photovoltaic field, have led to the invention of foldable, portable photovoltaic sheets which mean that bulky batteries and fossil fuel are no longer required. The transportation of these power sources has in the past limited the use of portable generators to those areas accessible by either road or air.
In another use for solar power many hobby shops sell solar powered colloidal silver generators. A solar powered colloidal silver generator can produce colloidal silver with as little as distilled waterFree Web Content, a container and an abundant supply of sunlight. Colloidal silver has been found to be toxic to most bacteria and has been hailed by medical practitioners for its usefulness in a variety of medical applications.
A solar powered generator can be an eco friendly alternative for those consumers who would like to reduce their impact on the natural environment and can significantly reduce reliance on the national electricity grid and thereby reduce costs.

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John Greyling is a retired entrepreneur and businessman. During his career he acquired extensive experience if many business sectors. He now spends his time travelling the world with his family and writing. For more information on power generators visit

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