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Monday, February 18, 2019
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Rise of cheap cell phones

With the rise of cheap cell phones from such companies as , customers love the low prices, but may not know about the problems this may bring. Although

With the rise of cheap cell phones from such companies as , customers love the low prices, but may not know about the problems this may bring. Although is covered by law to protect you phone records, many are not. Wholesale Iphones Wholesale Cellphone Lists Some Web sites are actually selling your mobile phone records. Some of this is through clever theft by hackers, but some is actually carried out by call centre staff, looking to make a fast buck on the side. The problem is so bad that Government lawyerB€?s and the Federal Communications Commission is acting fast to try and stop this.  True to say, they only acted once it was leaked to the press, but at least they feel itB€?s serious enough for action. The larger players in the field and their suppliers like feel it should be stamped out.  People might think that this is enough action to stop the problem, but others who have looked into it, says its not enough! Here we have issues of personal information being leaked and in a world of identity theft and fraud we can only worry about where it will all end.  There are actual web sites such as and that openly advertise the fact that they can find and provide phone records. Some, very cheaply.  True to say, this information is used legitimately by security firms who are subject to the scrutiny of the law. are covered by law to make sure you donB€?t get caught out. But can you imagine a world where organised crime or terrorist get hold of you phone records? They would be free to study your life in any detail, planning out your routines and daily life in great detail.  Even if this sounds like a plot from an airport novel, think about it on a smaller scale. What if they could be used in a divorce case to wrongly accuse you of something? There have already been several cases of ex-partners using personal information to hound the other person to the point of making their lives a nightmare. Not least are the stories of people who stalk famous celebrities for their own twisted reasons. All this could come down to the theft of personal information, and you phone bill could be right up their at number one. The more organised gangs can get your records by posing as you to request billing information. All very innocent at first, because the call centre will work on the minimal of information needed to part with security details. Now would never give away any of your details unless you can prove who you are. This could be gained by rooting through your trashcan, and finding old slips of paper. Everyone throws away an old bill now and again, and few of us think it will ever be looked at again. But clever identity thieves can gleam any amount of information from just a few lines. Once they have that, a quick call to the call centre, and they are well on their way to doing some real damage. Politicians on Capital Hill have now brought in legislation prosecute anyone found to have used a customersB€? cell phone bill for fraudulent reasons. But the problem lies with the call centres and phone companies who store that data in the first place. If they were to use a web site such as, they would enter a world of password protection that is proved and trusted. In the future we will see a lot more use of passwords to get into an account, and best off all, the company will tell you by a text message, if the records have been requested. After all, if you did not ask for them, who wants to know?  In the future more and more Data recording centres will be audited, to be called into account over what they are doing with your life. We all love the new revolution in cheap cell phones, and thank God for companies like but are not prepared to put up with someone ruining our lives! Phones can be brought from cellphonecellphone with confidence.

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