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Sunday, April 21, 2019
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Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Beefy even the back is glass, it's certainly a fingerprint magnet, the note 9 has a headphone jack, it does USB see fast charging with the proprietary charger and supports wireless charging as well. Samsung went big huge with the battery here 4000 milliamp hours for comparison the iPhone X has a 2700 mill amp hour battery. 

Samsung latest flagship product is out here namely the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, It’s an absolute beast smartphone; even I would call it a super phone stacked with features like high resolution AMOLED display, headphone jack, USB see with fast charging, a stylus dual camera system, 4 thousand mill amp hour battery, ip68 water resistance, expandable storage, the list goes on.

I think the note 9 has just about everything you could ask for a Smartphone in 2018. If you are cool with using Android then interesting story is here for you now let's jumping right in. We are going to discuss some of the love features of this phone for android paramours.

Hard Ware of Note 9
Samsung held nothing back this year for the Galaxy Note 9. This phone is a state-of-the-art piece of tech we will start with the display.
It's beautiful I think Samsung’s best ever a 6.4 inch AMOLED panel at 1440 x 2960 pixels per inch it looks fantastic. it's sharp, it's bright and has great colors the display is curved and on the sides a signature of Samsung design aesthetic and the corners are rounded to, I think pointy cornered smart phones are becoming a thing of the past and no there is no knotch, good job Samsung. Though you've got small top and bottom bezels and even smaller side bezels the phone definitely feels big in my regular sized hands but it also feels great when you hold this thing; you immediately get the impression that it's a premium device it's got some nice heft to it.

Beefy even the back is glass, it's certainly a fingerprint magnet, the note 9 has a headphone jack, it does USB see fast charging with the proprietary charger and supports wireless charging as well. Samsung went big huge with the battery here 4000 milliamp hours for comparison the iPhone X has a 2700 mill amp hour battery. This phone will definitely last you all day no question, there's a downward facing speaker as well as a front facing speaker but device doesn't get that loud I feel like it can be a bit loud but it sounds okay for a phone. On the left side of the device you've got your volume rocker and Bixby button which a is way too close to the volume keys and B something I don't think should exist and on the right just the power button they feel great nice and clicky.

it's a note you've got the s-pen and no you can't accidentally insert it the wrong way I tried depending on what color phone you choose your stylist color will vary the s-pen is as accurate and responsive as it's ever been and is definitely one of my favorite features of this phone if you're unfamiliar you can just pop out the pen jot down a note and then put the pen back and continue on with your day the memo is saved without having to unlock your device. The note 9 comes with either 128 gigabytes or 512 gigabytes of internal storage and there's a micro SD card slot so when Samsung releases its 512 gigabyte micro sd card you can walk around with one terabyte of physical storage in your smartphone nuts, there's a multitude of ways to unlock the note 9 there is a fingerprint reader around back that's placed much better than previous Galaxy phones and it's super fast you've also got an iris scanner and facial recognition but in my testing the fingerprint reader worked the quickness plus the screen can be completely off versus iris or facial recognition requiring the device to be on the lock screen in any event it's nice to see Samsung give so many options here.

Alright let's talk about the cameras starting with the front camera it's pretty good nothing earth-shattering here photos are okay a bit washed out in low-light situations but the front camera has autofocus which will make those selfies a bit sharper there's some interesting software built in that whole literally make you glamorous more chic I'm not kidding there's a couple of shooting modes like selfie focus and wide selfie to get more of your friends in the picture. Dual camera system around back is incredible like the s9 plus the no nines wide lens has a variable aperture look at that little mechanism I think this is so awesome but I'm also a huge a nerd you've got a plethora of shooting modes, with the back cameras with some AI built in for example if I take a picture that's blurry or someone blinked the phone will kindly notify me that I should try again it'll also detect and enhance your dog pictures food pictures landscapes and more another one of my favorite features of the note 9 is using the S Pen to remotely take photos you can do a ton more with the S Pen thanks to the inclusion of Bluetooth Low Energy if you get this phone definitely make use of this because it doesn't really exist anywhere else.

Video on the Galaxy note 9 is something else it has 1440 x 2960 pixels resolution but I bet we'll get smart phones capable of 4k 60 with iOS soon enough another thing I want to quickly mention about the Note nines rear cameras you can get unbelievably close to your subject they're basically macro lenses if you get this phone this is another thing you should definitely make use of.

Soft Ware of Note 9
Alright let's talk about software for starters the note 9 ships with Android 8.1 Oreo we'll have to see when pie hits this device I'm hoping by the end of the year but that's being hopeful inside the No 9 is a snapdragon 845 and 6 gigabytes of ram which means this thing is super fast and responsive app switching is quick and everything about the note 9 feels snappy and buttery smooth if you're familiar with Samsung's software you'll feel right at home it's not a pure Android experience but there's so much customization and Android that I'm not used to as an iOS user it's refreshing. I've been using iOS and the Apple ecosystem Merilee for over ten years so diving into the Android experience this deep was definitely eye-opening you can swipe the screen in any direction to unlock the device you can have widgets on the home screen meaning instant access to Google Voice search Google assistant so useful you can do split-screen apps if you're into that sort of thing though many apps don't support it just yet the always-on display is neat it's pretty customizable but also functional glancing at it on my desk to easily see the time or notifications is useful and speaking of customizable.

There are themes of course you've got your launchers from the Google Play Store but there's a zillion downloadable themes from this Samsung themes portal some might find this tacky but Android is a sandbox and that's great. You can really choose your flavor I like that you can hide the software navigation bar by double tapping this little dot I like that you can view the app tray in either list view or as cards I like that you can adjust the grid size for home screen apps as well as apps in the app tray the list of software customization goes on and on and if you're an Android user, you're probably rolling your eyes at me which is totally fair did I mention widgets or androids functional settings tray I was digging around and discovered that the Galaxy Note 9 has landscape home screen functionality which honestly just makes me miss my sidekick oh yeah Bixby I won't get too deep here because a this is pre-release software and B there's literally a Google widget that comes stock with the phone on the home screen look I understand what Samsung is trying to do here but leave it to Google the physical Bixby button still annoys me and I turned off left swipe for Bixby when all is said and done if you're upgrading from a Samsung device that say at least two years old like the S7 for example I would definitely consider the note 9 if you have an s8 or a note 8 I'm not sure that this is that compelling of an upgrade if you're a Samsung diehard know that this is the best device the company has ever made.

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