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Monday, October 25, 2021
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The Importance of Size and Diameter with a Flexible Borescope

The diameter and length of a flexible borescope can affect the resolution and size of the image projected. The operator should choose the correctly sized borescope for the project.

A flexible borescope is a device composed of a long flexible tube. The tube contains an eye piece on one end and a magnifying device on the other end. The operator of a flexible borescope can insert the tube into a small, dark area.

The operator can look through the eye piece and examine the surface area of the space. Fiber optic lighting that is present on the flexible borescope provides a light source for the operator to see the image more clearly. There are certain borescopes that also allow the image to be connected to a television screen and broadcast at a larger size for the operator to examine.

The size and resolution of the image that is projected for the user can depend on the length and diameter of the flexible borescope that is used. A flexible borescope that is small in diameter may have more of a distorted image for the viewer than a device that is large in diameter. A flexible borescope that is larger in diameter may also be equipped with more fiber optic lighting, making the image portrayed easier to view for the user. The larger the diameter of the tube, the easier it is for the magnifying device to depict the image to the eye piece or camera.

The length of the flexible borescope may also affect the clarity of the image. A borescope that has a long length may distort an image more than a shorter tube. When a magnification device is used on one side of a flexible borescope, the magnification will be stronger if the tube is short. When an extremely long tube is used, the magnification cannot be as powerful because the surface area is much further from the eye piece or camera device. Most magnifying devices also have adjustment options which can allow the user to focus the image.

While these factors and characteristics of a flexible borescope may cause a small amount of distortion, the image that is projected is still clear enough for the viewer to assess a problem and analyze the surface area. A flexible borescope is useful for situations that require the user to look in a small space that may be around a corner or bend.

The length and diameter of a flexible borescope can affect the field of view the operator will be able to access. A short borescope with a large diameter will have a large field of view. The user will not have to move the flexible borescope as much to look peripherally at the surface. A flexible borescope that is composed of a long tube and has a thin diameter may have a smaller field of view for the user. The operator may find he or she has to move the device a lot more to cover the entire surface area of the space.

It is important for an operator to choose the correctly sized flexible borescope for his or her job. While a small amount of image distortion may occur with a long tube that is small in diameter, a flexible borescope is still an extremely accurate and clear way to see into a smallFree Web Content, dark area.

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