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Monday, August 19, 2019
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Why Semantic Search Plays a Key Role in Enterprise Search

Why is semantic search important? Why do enterprises today need the power of the semantic search tool? This article takes a closer look.

Today, enterprise search has come a long way, and the new age enterprise search tools are slowly becoming more and more advanced and efficient with the introduction of new technology. There are several technologies that play a key role in the working of the modern enterprise search tool and semantic technology is one of them. In fact, this technology has had such a strong impact on the way the new age semantic search tools like 3RDi Search and Commvault work, that it has brought about a sort of revolution.

What Makes Enterprise Search Complex

Now, before one understands the need for semantics in making enterprise search work the way it does, one must understand how enterprise search is different from the everyday web search. The major difference is that while the latter deals mostly with structured data, the former deals with unstructured data. Now, unstructured data is data that is created by human users and it exists in an array of different formats – text, images, email, social media content and more. What makes it worse is that this unstructured data that enterprises hold, continues to grow at an enormous rate.

Why Semantics is the Solution

Now, in such a scenario, semantic search is the solution because unlike the traditional keyword based approach that focuses on matching keywords to fetch the results, semantics relies more on finding the meaning of a user’s query and understanding the intent behind it, to fetch results that are highly relevant and meaningful and exactly what the user was looking for. This is what we term as “intelligent search” as offered by the new age enterprise search tools like 3RDi Search. Along with semantics, technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) also play a key role in making an enterprise search tool intelligent.

The following are the key benefits of a semantic search tool:

  1. Semantic search tools are much faster.
  2. High relevancy of results due to an approach that relies on context.
  3. The fact that semantic search tool allows access to unstructured data, opens the doorway to insights that were never accessible with the traditional keyword based approach.
  4. Higher capability of the semantic search tool to understand user query.
  5. Artificial intelligence (AI) technology makes it easy for users to interact with the software.

How Every Business Can Access the Semantic Advantage

Semantics is no wonder very powerful but what is more important is its implementation. To implement its power in an organization’s text analysis approach, the easiest way out is to invest in a semantic search tool. There are many new age tools in the market today and each one of them has almost similar set of features and functionalities to offer. So, before choosing one, the enterprise should have a closer look at their requirements and then choose a tool that best caters to their requirements. The semantic search tool usually offers a complete set of text mining features that are designed to cater to every requirement of enterprises.


The semantic search tool is the future and with the rapid advancements in technologyArticle Submission, the future holds unlimited possibilities. It’s driven by a technology that has revolutionized search in the last few years and experts say that it’s only a matter of time before semantics will redefine the way users interact with machines.

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Elise Lowry is a technical writer and a web entrepreneur with many years of experience. She regularly blogs about rising IT companies, path breaking IT solutions, current IT trends and much more. Understanding how technology affects the world we live in, is her subject of interest.

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