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Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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Why Should I Hire A Solar Panel Installer Instead of Installing The System Myself?

While installing a solar power system on your home yourself may seem like a great idea initially, there are many good reasons to use a professional solar installer. They can provide the best installation possible in the least amount of time and can actually save you money on most installations.

Even though most modern home solar power systems are designed to be easy to install for the average homeowner, there are quite a few good reasons to hire a professional solar panel installer to mount your system. Most of these solar panel installers have years of experience with this type of equipment and can do the job more professionally and in less time than if you attempted it yourself.

DIY Installation Isn't Always Cheap

 Most homeowners think that they can lower the cost of their home solar power system if they do the installation themselves. With simpler and smaller installations this may be true. In most other cases a seasoned solar installer can actually save you money by providing all the mounting gear you'll need as part of their installation price. Because they do a large number of these installations each month, they are buying these supplies in bulk and purchase them at a far lower cost than you can find individually. If you contract with a solar installer, they may pass these savings along to you as part of the installation cost and can save you the time and money of trying to find these mounting supplies on your own. They will also stay current with newer mounting equipment and techniques which will help ensure that your solar power system will stay secure and last as long as possible on your home.

Avoiding Damaging Your Home

 Another consideration in favor of using a professional solar panel installer is the possibility of damaging your home or your new equipment while installing the system yourself. Most of these modern solar panels are very fragile and a small bump or drop can severely damage a panel. If you cause this damage while installing the equipment yourself, your warranty may not cover the panel and you will have to replace it yourself. A professional solar panel installer will have the experience to avoid this type of accident and will also have insurance in place for those times when accidents do happen. All of this will provide the peace of mind of knowing your system is installed safely and securely on your home.

You Are Eligible for Rebates and other Incentives

 Many homeowners are entitled to solar rebates and incentives for installing these alternative energy solutions on their home. Many of these rebates stipulate that the equipment has to be installed by an experienced and licensed solar installer for the homeowner to receive the rebate. If you choose to install your system on your own, you may save a little money, but will also miss the opportunity for any rebates that require a professional solar install. To qualify for the rebate you'll typically need to list the name of the approved solar installer and will also receive a final invoice from them for the work they have completed. A copy of this invoice will usually be required as part of the paperwork you submit to the rebate program.

Ensuring Your System Is Up to Code

 Finally, all solar power systems need to eventually be connected to your home's solar panel system to allow you to take advantage of the free power they provide. Even though you have the right to make this connection yourselfHealth Fitness Articles, it still has to pass a local electrical inspection before you can use the system. This connection may be something that you'd rather have a professional solar panel installer handle as the voltages involved can be dangerous. There may also be specialized connection terminals and wiring required that you may not have available to you. Having a professional solar installer make this connection will ensure that it is done according to code and won't present any shock or fire hazard to you or your family.

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