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Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Birding in Panama

Birding in Panama attracts visitors from across the world. The country is gifted with a diverse terrain and vegetation, making it ideal for birds of over 950 species. Here you will see some North American, South American and Central American birds. Do plan your visit according to the areas you want to explore and choose a birding company to take a tour with.

Amongst the many activities that Panama has to offer its visitors, birding is the most popular. Whether you are an experienced birdwatcher or someone who is new to the activity you are sure to find birding in Panama great fun and satisfying. Panama has more than 950 species of birds. The country has diverse landforms and this is its greatest treasure. It has lowlands, highlands, rainforests, mountains, islands and even a volcano. With the diverse land and terrain, comes vegetation of many kinds that help birds make their home here.
Panama forms a land bridge between North and South America and has the North Pacific Ocean to its west, while the Caribbean Sea lies to its east. It is its wonderful location that gives the country such unique natural treasures as its diverse flora and fauna. One of the biggest attractions of birding in Panama is the fact that you get to sight birds that are characteristic of North America, South America as well as Central America.
Irrespective of the area that you decide to visit you will be able to sight many birds that the country is home to. Birding in Panama is focused mostly in the central, eastern and western regions.  It is a good idea to contact a birding company and book a tour of a region. This gives you the advantage of being escorted by some of the most experienced guides on the field. And it also increases your chances of sighting some exotic and rare species.
Planning Birdwatching in Panama

Eastern Panama: When you go birdwatching in Panama, in the eastern region you are likely to see the country’s national bird, the Harpy Eagle. Some regions to explore include the San Blas and Darien. While much of this area is difficult to negotiate you can take a flight to Darien and begin your explorations from there. Some of the birds you may see in the foothills include the Green-naped Tanager, the Pirre Warbler, the Beautiful Treerunner and the Tacarcuna Wood-Quail.
Western Panama: In the Western Panama you are most likely to see more birds in the highlands than you will in the lowlands. The region from Cerro Campana till the Costa Rican border is rich in many different species of birds including the Black Guan, the Fiery-throated Hummingbird, the Bare-throated Umbrellabird and the Dusky Nightjar. If you are exploring the region close to the volcano Baru you are likely to see the Blue-and-white Swallows, the Band-tailed Pigeons and the Rufous-collared Sparrows.
Central Panama: In the central part of the country you are likely to see a large species of birds. This area is easy to access and while some birds can be sighted in the cities and others just a short drive from the city. The Great-tailed Grackle is one of the most common birds seen in this region. Other birds you may sight include Tropical Kingbirds, Social Flycatchers, Crimson-backed Tanagers, Clay-colored Thrushes and Blue-gray Palm. A walk in the Metropolitan National Park will also bring you closer to seeing many bird species in this area. Other areas to visit in this region when birding in Panama include the Soberania National ParkComputer Technology Articles, Pipeline Road close to Gamboa and Achiote Road in Colon.

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