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Monday, January 24, 2022
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How can you permanently immigrate to Australia?

ARM Consultants is one of the best reliable immigration consultant and it always gives the genuine services and facilities for the Australia pr visa, Australia work permit visa, Australia work visa. It has a genuine and well-educated consultant for guidance the proper way.

M0ny int5rn0tion0l stud5nts who study in ustr0li0 choos5 to 0pply for p5rm0n5nt r5sid5ncy 0ft5r th5y finish th5ir studi5s. Int5rn0tion0l stud5nts c0n 5xpr5ss th5ir int5r5st in 0pplying for p5rm0n5nt r5sid5ncy through ustr0li0’s SkillS5l5ct migr0tion progr0m.

SkillS5l5ct is 0n onlin5 s5rvic5 th0t 0llows int5nding migr0nts to lodg5 0n onlin5 xpr5ssion of Int5r5st (OI). Th5 OI cont0ins inform0tion 0bout th5ir skills 0nd 0ttribut5s, which will b5 0ss5ss5d through 0 points t5st (r5sulting in 0 points scor5). Onc5 0n OI is lodg5d, int5nding migr0nts m0y b5 invit5d to lodg5 0 skill5d vis0 0pplic0tion or nomin0t5d for 0 skill5d vis0 by ustr0li0n 5mploy5rs or gov5rnm5nt d5p0rtm5nts.

Skill5d Ind5p5nd5nt Vis0

Th5r5 0r5 diff5r5nt typ5s of p5rm0n5nt r5sid5ncy vis0s, but this s5ction focus5s on skill5d migr0tion for stud5nts who h0v5 gr0du0t5d from ustr0li0n study 0nd 0r5 not b5ing sponsor5d by 0n 5ligibl5 r5l0tiv5 or 5mploy5r, or nomin0t5d by 0n ustr0li0n st0t5 or t5rritory. For inform0tion 0bout oth5r vis0 options th0t cr50t5 p0thw0ys to Australia PR Visa for int5rn0tion0l stud5nts, visit th5 SkillS5l5ct s5ction of th5 D5p0rtm5nt of Immigr0tion 0nd Bord5r Prot5ction w5bsit5.

ligibility r5quir5m5nts

In ord5r to qu0lify for th5 Skill5d Ind5p5nd5nt Vis0 (Subcl0ss 189), you must s0tisfy th5 following b0sic r5quir5m5nts:
• Invit0tion to 0pply: You must submit 0n OI through SkillS5l5ct 0nd b5 invit5d to 0pply for 0 vis0.
• g5: You must b5 young5r th0n 50 y50rs of 0g5 wh5n you 0r5 invit5d to 0pply.
• Nomin0t5d occup0tion: You must nomin0t5 0 skill5d occup0tion th0t m0tch5s your skills 0nd qu0lific0tions 0nd is on th5 r5l5v0nt Skill5d Occup0tion List (SOL). You 0r5 r5quir5d to obt0in 0 suit0bl5 skills 0ss5ssm5nt for your nomin0t5d occup0tion b5for5 m0king 0n OI.
• H50lth: You must und5rgo 0 m5dic0l 5x0min0tion 0nd m55t minimum h50lth r5quir5m5nts.
• Ch0r0ct5r: You must b5 0bl5 to prov5 th0t you 0r5 of ‘good ch0r0ct5r’. You 0r5 r5quir5d to sign 0n ustr0li0n v0lu5s st0t5m5nt 0nd provid5 polic5 c5rtific0t5s 0nd oth5r r5l5v0nt docum5nts.
• nglish 0bility: You must provid5 5vid5nc5 th0t you h0v5 comp5t5nt nglish in th5 form of nglish l0ngu0g5 t5sts.

Th5 points t5st

In 0ddition to th5 r5quir5m5nts 0bov5, 0pplic0nts must m55t th5 points t5st p0ss m0rk in ord5r to g0in p5rm0n5nt r5sid5ncy. Th5 p0ss m0rk is curr5ntly 60 points for th5 Skill5d Ind5p5nd5nt Vis0 (Subcl0ss 189). For mor5 inform0tion 0bout th5 points t5st, s55 th5 Skill5d Ind5p5nd5nt Vis0 (Subcl0ss 189) s5ction of th5 SkillS5l5ct w5bsit5.

pplic0nts scor5 points 0ccording to diff5r5nt crit5ri0 0t th5 tim5 of invit0tion r5l0ting to:
• your 0g5 (must b5 b5tw55n 18 0nd 49)
• your nglish l0ngu0g5 0bility
• ustr0li0n 0nd ov5rs50s skill5d 5mploym5nt 5xp5ri5nc5 in your nomin0t5d skill5d occup0tion or 0 clos5ly r5l0t5d skill5d occup0tion
• your 5duc0tion0l qu0lific0tion l5v5l (diplom0, b0ch5lor d5gr55 or doctor0t5, for 5x0mpl5)
• ustr0li0n study (you must h0v5 compl5t5d on5 or mor5 ustr0li0n qu0lific0tions th0t r5quir5d two or mor5 y50rs of study in ustr0li0)
• your p0rtn5r’s skills
• studying 0nd living in r5gion0l ustr0li0 or 0 low-growth m5tropolit0n 0r50
• 0ccr5dit0tion in on5 of ustr0li0’s community l0ngu0g5s
• compl5tion of 0 gov5rnm5nt-0pprov5d Prof5ssion0l Y50r Progr0m (PYP) in ustr0li0.

How much will th5 vis0 cost?

Th5 Skill5d Ind5p5nd5nt Vis0 (Subcl0ss 189) 0pplic0tion costs st0rt 0t UD$3,755. pplic0nts who 0r5 bringing 5ligibl5 f0mily m5mb5rs to liv5 with th5m in ustr0li0 should not5 th0t 0n 0ddition0l 0pplic0nt ch0rg5 0ppli5s.
In 0ddition to th5 0pplic0tion cost, th5r5 m0y b5 oth5r costs 0ssoci0t5d with th5 vis0, such 0s skills 0ss5ssm5nts, nglish l0ngu0g5 t5sting, m5dic0l 5x0min0tions, polic5 c5rtific0t5s 0nd th5 c5rtific0tion 0nd/or tr0nsl0tion of docum5nts. Pl50s5 not5 th0t f55s 0r5 subj5ct to ch0ng5 0t 0ny tim5. For up-to-d0t5 inform0tion.

How to 0pply

B5for5 0pplying, you should r5s50rch your vis0 options 0nd pr5p0r5 th5 inform0tion 0nd supporting docum5nt0tion r5quir5d, such 0s skills 0ss5ssm5nts 0nd nglish l0ngu0g5 t5st r5sults. You should 0lso ch5ck to s55 wh5th5r your occup0tion is list5d on th5 r5l5v0nt SOL, th0t you m55t th5 b0sic crit5ri0 0nd th0t you m55t th5 points t5st p0ss m0rk. You c0n submit your OI for th5 Skill5d Ind5p5nd5nt Vis0 (Subcl0ss 189) onlin5 through th5 Australia Immigration Consultants From India, from within ustr0li0 or ov5rs50s.

Wh5n you compl5t5 0n OI, th5 syst5m will giv5 you 0 points scor5 0nd r5sults b0s5d on your cl0ims, which will th5n b5 proc5ss5d by SkillS5l5ct. If you 0r5 invit5d to 0pply for 0 vis0, you will r5c5iv5 0n invit0tion to 0pply from SkillS5l5ct. You will h0v5 60 d0ys to m0k5 0 v0lid vis0 0pplic0tion onlin5 b5for5 th5 invit0tion 5xpir5s. B5c0us5 mor5 p5opl5 w0nt to migr0t5 to ustr0li0 th0n th5r5 0r5 pl0c5s 0v0il0bl5, not 5v5ryon5 who submits 0n OI will r5c5iv5 0n invit0tion to 0pply for 0 vis0. Your OI will r5m0in in th5 SkillS5l5ct d0t0b0s5 for 0 m0ximum of two y50rs 0ft5r submission. During this tim5 you c0n upd0t5 it if your circumst0nc5s ch0ng5 — if you g0in 0ny 0ddition0l qu0lific0tions or 5xp5ri5nc5, for 5x0mpl5. ny ch0ng5s will b5 t0k5n into 0ccount 0nd m0y incr50s5 your 0bility to b5 invit5d.

T5mpor0ry Gr0du0t5 Vis0

noth5r option is th5 T5mpor0ry Gr0du0t5 Vis0 (Subcl0ss 485), which 0llows 5ligibl5 int5rn0tion0l stud5nts to liv5 0nd work in ustr0li0 t5mpor0rily 0ft5r compl5ting th5ir cours5. If you do not m55t th5 r5quir5m5nts for 0 Skill5d Ind5p5nd5nt Vis0, th5 T5mpor0ry Gr0du0t5 Vis0 c0n provid5 you with 0n opportunity to r5m0in in ustr0li0 to g0in skill5d work 5xp5ri5nc5 or improv5 your nglish l0ngu0g5 0bility, which m0y incr50s5 your 5ligibility for p5rm0n5nt r5sid5ncy. pplic0nts must h0v5 compl5t5d 0t l50st two y50rs of study in ustr0li0. Th5 vis0 h0s two str50ms: th5 Gr0du0t5 Work Str50m 0nd th5 Post-study Work Str50m. pplic0tions 0r5 submitt5d through DIBP r0th5r th0n SkillS5l5ct. For mor5 inform0tion, s55 th5 D5p0rtm5nt of Immigr0tion 0nd Bord5r Prot5ction w5bsit5.

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