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Sunday, January 26, 2020
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Traveling Safe Is The Golden Rule

Travelling is an awesome experience. Even though you are on an exciting adventure doesn't mean that your personal safety and the safety of your family is not #1 on your list. To avoid unwanted situations and experiences, whether your are travelling alone or with your family, you need to use common sense to ensure that you have an awesome travel experience.

When travelling, your personal safety and the safety of your family is the #1 priority. Whether your are travelling alone or with your family you can encounter individuals and situations that can prevent you from having a safe travel experience. To ensure a safe trip use common sense and a few or all of these travel tips and you will have an awesome travel experience.
Be aware of your surroundings. Most hotels have small area maps at your disposal. Have them on hand and familiarize yourself with the area that you have decided to vacation, especially if you have never travelled to the area before. When visiting tourist sites with your family excitement tends to take over, especially for children, keep your family together and try not to wear clothes that make you stand out in a crowd or indicate that you are a traveller.
Unsavoury characters are always on the lookout for tourists that use cash. Carry a minimal amount of cash and use your credit or debit card more. It is an inconvenience to replace a credit card if it gets stolen but it would be a travesty to lose the cash that you counted on to make your vacation a success. Cash cannot be replaced but your credit or debit card can.
If you are travelling on your own and you don't have the luxury of a rental car then public transportation is an option. If a taxi is your mode of transportation, get the license plate before getting in. To ensure added security you can always pretend to call someone to giving them the information and let them know you are on your way. Travelling by bus, put a jacket on an empty seat beside you to give the appearance you have a companion with you. If possible, sit beside someone and maybe say a few words to that person to make it look like you are not by yourself. This travel tip can also be implemented if you are travelling with your family.
Everyone has a cell phone these days. Make sure that you take your cell phone everywhere. If you need help for any reason it is easier to use your cell phone than it would be to find a payphone or rely on someone else for help. You can also use your cell phone to check in with family at home keeping them informed of where you are and that you are having a great time.
Hotel Safety
Everyone feels safe in a hotel but things can happen there as well.
Instruct your family not to open your door to any stranger or even let a stranger in your room. Most hotels have a schedule in place for cleaning staff. Check with the hotel to see what possible staff schedule they have so that you are informed of what is going on. If by chance, someone comes to your door and says they are hotel staff and it is unexpected, phone the front desk to verify that they are who they say they are.
Hide valuables. Most hotels do have safes on site, whether it be in your room or at the front office. If a safe is available on site use it. If a safe is not available then hide your valuables in articles of clothing or different places in your room. Perfect places to hide your valuables are in undergarments, rolled up socks(my husband does this), inside pockets of stored clothing, a flower vase, underneath an appliance in your room if there is one. Do not hide all your valuables in one place spread them around. If someone does happen to get in your room, hiding your valuables in different locations makes it more difficult for them to get it all.
Large hotels have elevators use them instead of the stairs. Smaller hotels your only option might be stairs, highly unlikely, so use precautions while using them. Stairwells are a perfect location for an unsavoury characters to hide.
If you happen to notice something out of the ordinary, no matter how small you might think it isPsychology Articles, notify the front desk or security. My motto "It is better to be safe than sorry".
Being safe is one of the golden rules of travel. Everybody is out to have a good time and in doing so sometimes common sense goes out the window. It is a good idea to have rules for yourself and your family in place so that everyone can be safe and have a holiday experience to remember.

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My husband and I are newbie travellers. We have never had a bad experience, knock on wood. We have found that once you start travelling it becomes a necessity of life and everyone should do it. Our experiences and friendships along the way have enhanced our lives and in saying this we come home from one trip just to plan another. We just can't seem to stop ourselves.

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