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Friday, December 3, 2021
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Best Lead Generation Systems, Sources and Strategies

As an insurance agency owner, I have had to change my marketing strategy numerous times over the past 10 years to adapt to the competitive nature of our industry and economic challenges that have affe...

As an insurance agency owner, I have had to change my marketing strategy numerous times over the past 10 years to adapt to the competitive nature of our industry and economic challenges that have affected pretty much any business that provides a service.  By keeping abreast of new technology and marketing systems I have been able to better manage the changing rate of sales in a weak economy, thereby sustaining and maximizing my agencies growth rate.

Below are a few tools that I have tried and the results.

1)      Lead generation software and systems:  If you select the better systems with the most accurate extracting software, this is a great way to get targeted, accurate leads for pennies on the dollar, if you purchase the best system.  My agency is using it to target businesses of all kinds in the internet.  We can extract 1000’s of leads per day and our cost is just $20 per month.  Whereas we usually spend upwards of $12,000 per year on targeted real time leads, we can now extract 1000s of leads daily for practically nothing.  The software I use, provides me with the name, phone number and email address so with this information we can do all kinds of marketing campaigns such as telemarketing, voice broadcasting, email campaigns. For information about the lead generation system that we use, visit the link in the "About the Author" section below. Advantages: very low cost per lead, a very fast and efficient way to target prospects and to make the sale.

2)      Purchasing real time leads.  This works best for those who sell to the public or business to business.  For example let’s talk about Homeowner leads.  Businesses such as furniture stores, landscapers, realtors, mortgage lenders, insurance agents will probably want these types of leads as part of their overall marketing campaign.  For example, an insurance agency will want to purchase these real-time leads as these are home buyers in need of insurance for their new home; and they need it in a hurry, before the closing date.   Advantages:  These are real time leads, they are people that are currently in need of a service.  Disadvantage:  The cost: $5.00 to $10 per lead, and about a 20% conversion rate.

3)      Purchasing lead lists:  Here the cost is less than real time leads, since you are buying the list in bulk (usually a minimum of 1,000 or 5,000 leads.  Advantage: Lower cost per lead, Disadvantage: accuracy rate is usually much lower, and some of the lists may be old, overused and outdated. There is also really no way to validate the accuracy of the list.

4)      Website and internet marketing:  Most of my sales come from lead extractions, or purchased leads, but the least expensive source for my leads come from my website presence which enjoys good content and as a result adequate search engine placement.  A good website, developed properly with great content and targeted keywords is a vital tool for any business wanting to optimize sales.  Speaking of which, you should engage in SEO optimization to try to get your site on the first page of the keyword searches that you targeting.  Advantage: very low cost marketing relative to the exposure potential.

5)      Face to face:  Generating leads face to face is always a great way to build your business or sales.  If you are selling direct to business, you can do it door to door by visiting businesses in your area.  You can also network via local business events, particularly business card exchanges work really well. Advantage:  More targeted, and a better chance at making the sale.  Disadvantage: More time consuming.

6)      Social Networking:  As a small business owner, you want to have a presence as well in the social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in among others.  These are sites being used today by people and some businesses to purchase things and to get ideas on what things to buy.  It is no longer just places to socialize online.  Advantage: Great marketing tool if used correctly.  Disadvantage: unproven cost effectiveness for small business advertisements, still used more as a social media.

Of all the lead generation tools that we have used, we have enjoyed the most success with system number 1 above; lead generation software and systems.  I hope that you find the same level of success that we have foundFree Web Content, should you decide to give these systems in your marketing endeavors.  Best regards.

by Robert Hernandez

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Robert is President and founder of Frontier Insurance Agency, LLC, a New Jersey based full service  insurance agency. If you are interested in more info on our web marketing system visit us at:

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