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Sunday, May 20, 2018
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Making Wise Use of Negative Space in Web Designing

The several parts of a layout that combine to become a website are its content, navigational tools and bars, images and designs etc. These are part of the positive space in a layout. So, what is negative space? Literally speaking, negative space is all the empty space in between these positive spaces. Wise use of negative space is the key ingredient in creating a layout for an impressive website.

Good layouts are a blend of proper distribution of positive space and wise use of the negative space. Negative space needs utilization in an extremely efficient manner when creating layouts for websites, logos, pamphlets and many such things which are made to draw attention towards them. Also known as whitespace, if used correctly and methodically can prove to be positive space for any web design. But, how to make wise use of negative space? Because the problem is that there are no parameters or boundaries assigned to which we can refer. It is the trickiest part of web designing best put to use by web design company in Mumbai.

Simplicity is the best policy:-

Use of negative space may not be complex. A web design must be simple but eye catching. It certainly is a double edged sword, where too much or too little can make the site look duller than interesting. Some designers feel the need to fill every available space on the site with something or the other resulting in diversifying the attention of the user from the main area of the site. To keep up with the trend it is best to invest wisely in responsive website design services.

Deciding the visual hierarchy:-

Is every part of the layout in your site is equally important? I would say no. for the sake of understanding negative space is a must for the sense of balance in the total design of the site. It is necessary to understand the priority needs of the site. There are different elements that form a layout. Like the typography, color schemes, images, data, and information etc. negative space puts into perspective our priorities and hence helps us decide which part of the payout needs the most attention. This is called developing a visual hierarchy in negative space. Doing so, notice attention is brought to the main aspect of the layout and also creates legibility and also gives the website a clean look of grace and style.

Breathing space:-

Avoid clutter. As mentioned earlier, some designers are not happy with empty white spaces. It becomes the matter of life and death to cover all the available space. It results in an unintelligible and overwhelming experience for the user. When the data or information or images are jammed together they lose individuality and hence go unnoticed by the user. Many times the user gets confused and leaves the site.

Easy navigation:-

The main reason for a company to create a website is to have space which is dedicated wholly to promote its product and services. How is it possible if the user does not know or understand where to look for it? Use of negative space should be so done as to direct the user to the area of the layout which brings maximum satisfaction to the user as well as the owner of the website. Having said so, it does not mean that the rest of the layout is unimportant.

Concept of Minimalism: -

As we said earlierFeature Articles, there are many key components that come together to a good website. The concept of minimalism with reference to negative space is the efficient use of these elements in the layout. This concept should be applied as such to create an individuality for each element without interfering with the role of the other various elements in the layout.

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