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Saturday, March 23, 2019
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5 Most Common Mistakes You Do while Buying Hosting

Do we learn from our mistake? However, if we talk about our experience and learning from it. There are several incidents where mostly small-scale business and startups are one of the poor victims of bad web hosting service. Therefore, if you’re a responsible owner of a website you should take complete responsibility to understand how a web hosting run on the web.

Are you spending too much for your hosting service? Do they deceive you on unlimited plans? Having an unlimited plan does really have unlimited bandwidth what it seems? Many of us used to think of hosting services are one which we can set and forget forever. In reality, does it mean a good deal?

Why not find a host that offers a reliable and easily approachable solution host. In a simple note you should understand the time, money, effort and deep understanding it takes to decide upon to choose the pros and cons of any particular hosting provider.

Assuming a case when you don’t carefully research your web hosting service by which you can evaluate it time to time.

If you ask us from a user perspective you might think a best hosting deal comprises of free unlimited bandwidth and end up purchasing shitty hosting. To help you with the proper guidance we have made a proper research through this and come out with Top 5 best web hosting mistakes that every website

#1 Do not fall prey to Unlimited Bandwidth

Let’s take this way a case of “always unlimited” in every scenario makes up our mind call it a product or service we tend to incline more for free things, from web hosting perspective I bet a company offering something unlimited in their plan not very likely to show up the whole picture.

This is where the terms and conditions come within the reasonable rates.
At first, if you’re told to pay more you straightway move without considering the features its equipped with. So, in most occasion hosting companies try to lure customers with offering plans in dirt cheap price.
This is where most of us get trapped and end up buying plans from them just because it’s cheap.

If you’re really looking for a host that offers features worth of yours every penny then I guess looking at these best web hosting providers can suffice the need of buying a web hosting service from reputed brands.

For instance, let’s say If you choose a 50MB plans and with 10GB of bandwidth and set it to go. Then, with 10GB of bandwidth, you do not have to worry even if you receive 1000 hits per day. On the other hand, if you start with a 2GB of Bandwidth and you’ll shortly feel the need of unlimited bandwidth. This generally happens only when you see such promotional offers “Unlimited Free bandwidth” while surfing the web on various web hosting portals.

Also, consider asking web host following questions:

  • Maintain multiple POP accounts
  • Use of SSH
  • Find if they add up statistics to your account
  • Install new software on your own
  • Install the shopping cart on your website

Asking these following question will let you know if the web hosting provider limits anything needful or not.

#2 Overpricing
There is some host who takes pride in keeping the price high for no reason. That’s not the price you’ll eventually be paying for buying plans from web hosts. Most often you come across unreliable deals that are supposed to come for less than the proposed amount. Thus this varies with the companies with offering first-year discounted price. But that’s not true browse web more sometime and you’ll come to know customers paying much smaller prices universally.

#3 Are you paying less just because you don’t need the Premium Support

Make sure to research more about the hosting companies you wish to take hosting. Not just because they offer crazy deals on their plans but for the extended support. Read reviews of others or you can advantage of looking at our honest hosting reviews. Most people don’t come across issues with the support until they need it. Along with companies that provide regular training to their excretive for offering support build a host reputation.

#4 Hosting Plans Limitations

Like in most shared hosting plans website traffic is limited. Now, when you need to upgrade when threshold limit gets fueled. The hosting company that offers you to host your site can provide you excellent upgrade options offering exciting deals for existing customers.

If a hosting company value their business. They would do anything to make and maintain a relationship with the customers well. Thus, finding a good upgrade for a lesser price is welcoming.

#5 Do your Research well!!

There is a good, bad and ugly thing with a web hosting. That means there are scams, fraudulent and bad companies which don’t value their customers and run business unethically.

On the other hand, you also get reputed web hosts with environmental friendly web hosting companies that offset most of the energy emitting out from providing the servers and offers an excellent hosting.

The best way to research was to looking at most of the companies and finding the best asset for your blog or website. A hosting provider that takes pride in solving customers problems so that one might be relevant to you.

If you’re still in two minds which hosting is right for your website? We think this Hosting Comparison will be helpful for you.

I think every affordable web hosts will work well if they offer you 99% uptime guarantee and features that are more likely to provide you more SEO features. The web host should not be slow, neither any data connection error should follow up. No matter how good you're with SEO finding a reliable host will make you succeed in promoting your products and services through your blog or website.

WellArticle Submission, we believe you should not even miss the smallest things such as server backing or auto-update features. This is to maintain the undisputable service from your host. So that you’re willing to connect and more with the hosting provider for next 10 to 15 years.

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