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Monday, October 22, 2018
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PowerMTA™ v4.5: Facts, Features, Functionalities, Installation/Setup & Configuration

The main reason behind the immense popularity of PowerMTA™ v4.5 is that it helps you adopt the latest authentication specs for high-volume outbound email delivery in compliance with the every-changing authentication policies. The simplified set up, installation and configuration of PowerMTA™ v4.5 is another reason behind its immense popularity.

What is PowerMTA™ v4.5?
PowerMTA™ v4.5 is the latest version of Email Gateway Application (SMTP Server) offered by Port25. The software is popularly used by ESPs and Marketing Automation companies for sending high volume emails.

PowerMTA™ v4.5 Usage: Some Interesting Facts

The software is used by some of the biggest enterprises of the world including Dell, IBM, Oracle, Salesforce, NetSuite, Mail Chimp, Turner etc.PowerMTA™ provides a sophisticated solution for multi-stream delivery execution and that's why 75% of ESPs use this software to meet stringent Service Level Agreements for delivering end-customer campaigns.

PowerMTA™ provides a sophisticated solution for multi-stream delivery execution and that's why 75% of ESPs use this software to meet stringent Service Level Agreements for delivering end-customer campaigns.
Enterprises require a rock-solid sending architecture to ensure automated policy-driven messaging when they decide to move away from third-party programs to manage the bulk emailing campaigns on their own. PowerMTA™ simplifies this transition. That's why the enterprises just love this software.

Why PowerMTA™ v4.5 is So Popular?
It is the intelligent email infrastructure of PowerMTA™ v4.5 that makes it so popular. The advanced features and functionalities of the software ensure:

  •     Flawless high-volume email delivery
  •     High reliability
  •     Comprehensive delivery reporting and analysis
  •     Customization and granular control
  •     A core component of your technology stack

What Are the Top Advanced Features of PowerMTA™ v4.5?
The top advanced features of PowerMTA™ v4.5 include the following.

  •     Flawless High-Volume Delivery Windows with Scheduled Delivery Control
  •     Unmatched Architecture for Unmatched Features
  •     TLS Encryption over SMTP

Flawless High-Volume Delivery Windows with Scheduled Delivery Control

The recipient engagement plays a key role in maximizing the inbox placement of your message and the Scheduled Delivery Control™ feature of PowerMTA™ v4.5 allows you take the advantage of time-based engagement metrics by letting you create and submit the full campaign hours or even days in advance. You can also use this feature to define multiple starts and stop time windows for a single message.

Unmatched Architecture for Unmatched Features
PowerMTA™ v4.5 can handle core tasks with more efficiency, intelligence and control than the general-purpose open-source MTAs. The software can handle inbound reply messages that have bounced by utilizing its in-built native intelligence. Also, it can be easily integrated with the CRM packages like SalesForce. You can transfer messages to this software for delivery through a standard interface based on SMTP or through APIs available in common programming languages.

TLS Encryption over SMTP
When you move to more secure and encrypted sending model, you have to track whether a message was delivered over a secured socket and, if so, what protocol and cipher were used. PowerMTA™ v4.5 solves this problem by utilizing the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol over SMTP for certificate-based authentication that facilitates security-enhanced data transfers using symmetric encryption keys. The advance TLS handshake performance optimizations benefit high volume sender by allowing you to use opportunistic TLS globally while having thousands of simultaneous outbound connections. This feature is available with Enterprise license.

Other Top-Level Features of PowerMTA™ v4.5 includes:

  •     IP Rate Limiting
  •     Virtual MTAs
  •     Delivery Process Management
  •     Authentication Tools
  •     Integration & Personalization
  •     Power Queue
  •     Platforms
  •     Auto-Cold VMTA Rate Increase
  •     SMTP Delivery Reporting
  •     Bounce Classification
  •     APIs
  •     Real-Time Reputation Monitoring

What Are the Top Functionalities of PowerMTA™ v4.5?
The top functionalities of the PowerMTA™ v4.5 include:

  •     Remote bounce and feedback loop parsing
  •     Holding queue for later delivery/release
  •     Individual recipient priorities
  •     Queue prioritization
  •     Per-message DKIM signing control
  •     Enhanced monitoring interface
  •     IPv6 support
  •     SNMP support

Installation, Setup and Configuration of PowerMTA™ v4.5
For proper installation, setup and configuration of PowerMTA™ v4.5, you must be aware of its Supported Platforms, Interfaces, Submission/Delivery, Delivery Accounting Files, Recommended Hardware Specs, Authentication Specs, Disc Sub-System and Other Technical Specs that are mentioned below.

Supported Platforms:

  •     Microsoft Windows (2008/2012 or any other server class Windows OS; 32-bit and 64-bit)
  •     RedHat Fedora Core 1 or later (32-bit)
  •     RedHat Enterprise 4.4 or later (64-bit)
  •     Other RPM and Debian based distributions supported

Supported Interfaces and Submission/Delivery:

  •     SMTP (extended)
  •     API: C, C++, Perl, Java, .NET
  •     Local “pipe” delivery
  •     Pickup directory
  •     File delivery

Delivery Accounting File:

  •     CSV format
  •     7 types of records
  •     Custom rotation schemes
  •     Command line delivery/bounce reporting tool

Authentication Specs:

  •    Multiple DKIM Signing
  •     Domain Keys Signing
  •     Sender ID/SPF Support
  •     DMARC Support
  •     Encryption


  •     Web-based status
  •     XML over HTTP
  •     Command-line query tool
  •     File export (text, XML, DOM-style)
  •     Source IP Based Monitoring

How to Install/Setup/Configure PowerMTA™ v4.5?
Once you become fully-aware of the technical specs of PowerMTA™ v4.5; please follow these steps to install/setup and configure the software.
1. Install PowerMTA™ v4.5 and activate the license
2. Update the DNS (A, MX, Txt Record) as required.
3. Create & Configure the Virtual MTA in PowerMTA™ v4.5 Configuration File
4. Define Bounce Back Email and Configure Multiple Bounces Domains
5. Define Feedback Loop and Complaints Handling
6. Set Up PowerMTA™ v4.5 Monitor
7. Setup SMTP User and Password
8. Generate DKIM Key and configure it to update your SPF IP with required IP and the Rotation of your IP.
9. Install a good mailing platform
10. Now Configure the mailing platform by Linking SMTPFree Articles, Bounce and FBL Servers and tracking domains

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If you face any problem or you need any kind of assistance during the installation, setup and configuration PowerMTA™ v4.5, feel free to call Infinitive Host Technologies on 0141-4914714 today. You can also email us at or contact us through our Skype ID: vkare-it To know more about our PowerMTA™ installation and setup up service, please log on to our website:

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