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Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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Newbie Business Building and Information Overload - What Can You do About It?

... overload is ... that will happen to all ofus at one time or the other. Net Newbies, in ... areprime targets for that terrible ... The ... of ads and co

Information overload is something that will happen to all of
us at one time or the other. Net Newbies, in particular, are
prime targets for that terrible affliction. The incredible
variety of ads and come-ons assaulting the Newbie is
frightening just by the sheer number!

All the marketers want you to sign-up for a seminar or a
promotion. Your email inboxes are straining to hold all the
correspondence telling you that unless you buy this or that
system or utility, you'll be left hopelessly behind; heck,
you've lost the race before it even started!

All the above, of course, while you are just fumbling around
doing your best to understand the basics and snag onto a set
of guiding principles. It's enough to make perfectly sane
Newbies fling their arms, pull their hair and throw their
computer out the window! However, is there an antidote, a
way to minimize or stop it? Read on and I will show you how
to spell relief from your information congestion.

The strongest defense against information overload is a
special kind of knowledge. What I'm talking about is the
type of knowledge that comes from a deep investigation of
sound business principles. As you spend weeks and months
contemplating setting up your Net business, ask yourself
what are the basics of business. It doesn't matter if it's a
brick and mortar or Net business.

Grab a pen and paper and make a point by point outline of
what you consider to be essential business principles.
Double check the above list against established sources;
there might be an item you left out. The list has now become
YOUR list; not a list somebody else handed you. Take a look
at this article and see if it helps:

Continue to meditate upon the above subject and welcome it
onto yourself; have the knowledge become a part of you, feel
it in your gut! Only a very complete study of basic business
principles will set you free from information overload. In
your quiet moments, dwell upon it and become one with it.

Dig deep into all areas dealing with creating and
maintaining an ongoing business. Look into Web building,
advertising and promotion. Be leery of concepts that are
vague or unclear. Should you run into the words "new
business model," head for the door as fast as you can!

Always remember that you don't want to re-invent the wheel,
you just want to have a very good understanding of how it
works. You are not trying to break new ground but to
understand the well worn steps traveled by others before

Don't attach a personal judgment to some of the sales
literature since there is a reason for that weed to grow.
Commercial copywriting should be a main subject of study, no
matter what your personal viewpoint.

As time goes by, you'll begin to feel a new courage that is
gained by the convictions of your studies. As you read many
of the ads offered, you'll have a guiding principle in your
mind and in your gut. No longer will you be like a leaf,
blown about by a merciless wind! You have the power of
knowledge to guide you!

As you surf the Web, make a list of sites that you like. I'm
talking about particular sites associated with starting and
building your Net business. You'll recognize them instantly
because their writing will be clearheaded and to the point.
Their articles will be in favor of the reader with very
little heavy handed sales copy. When the need arises, go
there and drink deeply from the well.

All the above should contribute greatly to help you find
your center; you won't be fumbling around in the dark
anymore. When you run into the next me-too fad to hit the
web and it rears its ugly head to look at you, you'll know
exactly what to do. It's a good thing and I welcome you to
the peace of mind of your new home.

by Francisco Aloy

(C)2005 Francisco Aloy
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