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Sunday, August 18, 2019
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The Triple Goddess

The Triple Goddess goes back as far as 13,000 B.C. and was the original "Immaculate Conception" Great Mother of all religions.

The Triple Goddess is said to have been honored as early as 13,000 B.C. We've unfortunately been ruled by a patriarchal system over the last two thousand years. In the Hindu religion, the Triple Goddess was Parvati-Uma-Durga. In ancient Greece she was called Hebe-Hera-Hecate. In ancient Ireland she was Ana-Babd-Macha and the Druids had Diana Triformis.

Our galaxy has a central region that's called the Dark Rift. This Dark Rift (leads to the Milky Way's center, vaginal) is the Triple Goddess that all these belief systems (and many more) understood. The three parts of the Triple Goddess are, Virgin (Creator )/ Crone (Destroyer)/ Mother (Nurturer).

Everyone and everything has emerged from the Great Rift. Everyone will be nurtured by Her (she made our earth etc.) and everything will return to Her at some point. Her sacred fundamental math equation known to every ancient initiate is:
1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144,233 etc.. This is the basic building blocks, each number that is produced is produced from the previous two numbers (evolution) and so this gives us the Golden Ratio .618 Each number is .618 times greater than the previous number.

When we left our moon cycles calender and jumped on the Gregorian calender sanctioned by the Catholic Church in 1540 A.D. we did not consider time as cyclical anymore, we consider time (I should say many do anyway) to be linear, a straight line. The Ouroboros (snake eating its tail) represents the cyclical nature of time. This Ouroboros symbol has appeared inside of the Pyramids in Egypt and on the entrance to several Mayan sites. They've also been found in ancient China and India. The ancients understood how time really worked. The stars were a large astrological clock that every generation understood. The Maya understood this better than any civilization ever has. We didn't know that our solar system was going to line-up with the Dark Rift (the Triple Goddess) in 2012 until the Maya carved it in stone for us to eventually find.

The Great Rift (Triple Goddess a.k.a. Great Mother) gives birth to herself, thus the "Immaculate Conception" representatives throughout religious history. She's Tara to the Tibetans and Nu Kua to the Chinese. She's Lakshmi to the Hindus and Cybele to the ancient Turks. In Christianity she is partly represented as Mother Mary. When Christianity spread throughout the Mediterranean 2,000 years ago, Diana had a very large following and was the most revered Great Mother in the region. The Ephesus temple in Turkey was dedicated to Diana. Di-Anna was soon turned to Anna, the grandmother of Jesus, and Mary was now the Virgin, Nurturing, mother of God on Earth, The Son. This narrative originally goes back to Hathor, who was loved by the Egyptians and was the Heavenly Cow (might not want to use that line with your wife) that produced the Milky Way and who daily gives birth to the Sun God, Horus, her "Golden Calf."

Ancient societies revered women for their patients, intuition, cycles and honest judgement. In many societies the women had a council that picked the male council. The female council could also declare someone unfit to hold office and appoint someone else.

In conclusion, the Triple Goddess of every ancient belief system was always the Dark Rift (Great Mother) that our solar system will line-up with on December 12, 2012. These stories of the Great Mother by way of the various Triple Goddess mythologies were told as a historical event and/or for the purpose of informing future generations of our return to Her (every 26Article Submission,000 years) or both.

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Beau Hermes is a 46 year old Rancher, Energy Producer and part-time Philosopher from Texas.

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