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Friday, August 6, 2021
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Are the medicines Abortion Pill and Morning after pill of similar nature?

Off late, various minor issues involving confusion has evolved with the medicines Abortion Pill and the Morning after pill where majority of the medical survey and the analysis have conveyed the fact that users and other people remain misinformed, still, and are unaware of the fact that these two medicines are different from each other and have different type of outcomes post consumption. Below given details are from research understanding from various sources on Abortion Pills (MTP KIT) and Morning after Pill (Plan B) and the medicines are differently used.

1) Abortion Pill
During the year 1980, Dr. Etienne Emile Baulieu, a Frenchman made the discovery of steroid hormone that is similar to the hormone progesterone which is known as “mifepristone”. The sole and primary purpose of the medicine is to cause abortion of an early level pregnancy. The early pregnancy involves consuming the medicines when the user is not more than u initial 9 weeks of pregnancy.  With this case, Roussel Uclaf which is the French Pharmaceutical firm patented the medicine. This is how the drug’s name came up as RU486 which is also the initials of the company’s name and on which the medicine is named.
There was a case of concern with regards to the RU-486 medicine in the United States of America where the manufacturers of Europe were more concerned and it is learned that the concern was due to the pressure from the American Pro – Life organizations. Post the event, the rights to manufacturing were provided to the new American company named Danco Laboratories. The drug was then named as Mifeprex and was marketed as the Mifeprex. Mifeprex name was actually derived from Mifepristone which is the generic name. Abortion pills were made available for online purchase and users could actually buy Abortion pill online and conduct the procedures at one’s home or any place they find comfortable at.  The medicines does not require any surgical equipments neither Anesthesia which allows the medicine to be more friendly in usage among the women.
The medicine Mifeprex is to be used to actively and safely terminate the pregnancy and is formulated in such a manner that it is to guided to be consumed within a period of initial 7 weeks however, the medicine is safe for usage and one can actively consume the medicine to cut the pregnancy worries nearly to the period of 9 / nine weeks. The advantage of making use of the abortion pill was that it is established and listed as a safe method to have non – surgical abortion procedures.

2) The morning after pill
The morning after pill although was actively used in the description of various other different kinds of drugs and medical procedures. In the initial state, women actually could realize the effectiveness of consuming the medicine and took the new birth control precaution to actively and safely end the trouble of unwanted pregnancy. The morning after pill is a birth control medicine name as Plan B and is not the pregnancy termination product which is to be actively consumed as per the details provided. The Morning after pill allows one to simply cause birth control with timely effect when consumed within a short period of having an unprotected physical intimacy.  Users thought that consuming extra of these pills would cause one to actively end the pregnancy i.e. abort the pregnancy but it doesn’t and simply act as contraceptives as required for the body. The name created a misconception and confusion. Many would wait until the morning time to end the process but that lead to critical level confusion as that caused delays in the consumption. The Morning after pill is to be consumed within 3 days /  72 hours of having unprotected intimate session.
Due to such conditions involving confusions and other doubts, there is an issuance of clarity in the product details so that there are no more of confusions involved in the case. Abortion Pill is to be used for ending the prenatal development while the Morning after pill is used for ending the tensions involved post an unprotected sexual intercourse. Abortion pill is a non surgical solution that helps women end pregnancy at the early stage while the morning after pill is to simply end the worries involved after an unprotected intimate moment. The method in abortion pill and the morning after pill may have minor tolerable side effects such as nausea, abdominal painFree Reprint Articles, headache and fatigue.

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I am Anna Nelson, a medical professor on women’s reproductive care. Being a consultant for female’s healthcare at, I educate people about where to buy abortion pill online how to use MTP Kit including birth control methods.

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