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Sunday, April 21, 2019
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MTP Kit Abortion Fact-Sheet- What Women Must Know?

MTP Kit is a set of two pills, Misoprostol & Mifepristone. These are intended to causes termination of unwanted pregnancy. The pill has to taken with care and in designed manner to effectively end the pregnancy. You can buy MTP Kit Online to have the early abortion.

Medication pregnancy termination or abortion via tablets offers women option non-surgical method to end their pregnancy, which is less than 7 weeks or up till 9 gestation weeks.

Female often are confused if abortion pills are safe or not, required precautions, dosage, and how to use it. One of the popular combination pill packs that helps cease pregnancy without trouble is MTP Kit, which is harmless and effective. Women can buy MTP Kit online from anywhere in the world to access pregnancy termination products. Most recognized procedure of medical abortion is administration of two drugs: Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

These tablets are taken to remove pregnancy from body in early trimester. Mifepristone is mainly used in managing uterus cancer and endometriosis, but now also in ending pregnancy. Though the prime tablets taken for the process have other healthcare uses, in pregnancy termination, their success rate is up till 98%, when taken together. Females can buy abortion pill online for administering the tablets in home. By using medicinal approach, the woman ensures a non-invasive and low-risk way of ending pregnancy.

What is MTP Kit?

As the definition goes, MTP Kit is a collection pack of 5 tablets taken successfully for abortion. The package contains 1 Mifepristone medicine, and 5 pills of Misoprostol. The primary medication Mifepristone is a synthetic replica of anti-progesterone hormone, which prohibits progesterone pregnancy hormone in the user’s body. On the other hand, Misoprostol is a synthetic derivative of prostaglandin E1 analogue.

How to take MTP Kit Abortion Pill?

There are two steps of taking abortion pills. Initially, the user must consume Mifepristone with water. Then after a period of three days, she must have Misoprostol dose. All the four tablets are ingested together orally by placing these under tongue. Another route of using this medication is via vagina. If the woman is taking the medicine the secondary way, then she must utilize saline water in avoiding infections. Users can buy abortion pill online for safety and complete privacy. Later to 14 days of the regimen, the person must receive an ultrasound scan to assure about success of abortion.

What Females can expect During Abortion?

After using Mifepristone, the person may get nauseous or vomit but for a short duration. She may even start with slight vaginal bleeding. On using Misoprostol, she will counter cramping, which could be painful. The bleeding will get heavier than periods. However, such symptoms are part and parcel of ending pregnancy with tablets, which the woman must not worry about or panic.

How to Take Self Care at Home?

A female can care for herself at home following ending her pregnancy. Some of the tips to be followed at least for the next two days:

  • In case the person feels painful cramping, then she can take painkiller as recommended by physician.
  • If there is fever, then the individual can use antipyretic medications.
  • The woman must not smoke, consume alcohol or take illegal drugs.

To avoid risks to infections during and later to procedure, the female must:

  • Abhor from having sexual vaginal intercourse until recovery is made.
  • Not engage in sports, physical works, swimming, lift heavy objects until the bleeding stops.
  • Not insert tampons inside her vagina.

MTP Kit must not be used by some women:

  • Intra-uterine device existing, which has to be removed before taking abortion pills.
  • Pregnancy exceeding nine weeks.
  • An ectopic or out-of-uterus pregnancy.
  • Allergy to Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

What are the Advantages of Medical Abortion?

The WHO believes that for terminating pregnancy, the woman can use Mifepristone pills, which must be available to all females. The advantages of taking this medicine are:

  • 98% efficacy rate for success pregnancy termination.
  • Very low danger to maternal death.
  • The medical abortion can be done at home.
  • The woman will not require any anesthesia.
  • She will be able to take the medicines by self.
  • No requirement of a surgeon.

Women who want to access abortion pill, can order MTP Kit online. However, they must only purchase from reputed internet websites, promising privacy and safety.

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I am Anna Nelson, a medical professor on women’s reproductive care. Being a consultant for female’s healthcare at, I educate people about where to buy abortion pill online how to use MTP Kit including birth control methods.

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