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Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Psychic Mediums Readings

Centuries back, Egyptians used to preserve the dead bodies of their loved once and bury the dead body along with food and other essential items with a belief that the dead ones will need it in the life hereafter.† There is an afterlife and a psychic medium can prove this.

Centuries back, Egyptians used to preserve the dead bodies of their loved once and bury the dead body along with food and other essential items with a belief that the dead ones will need it in the life hereafter. Life hereafter has been taught in every religion and myths reading this phenomenon are found in scriptures of every civilization known to mankind. Moreover, people are commanded to do good to earn blessings to be enjoyed in the later life once we will be dead. Despite that death is a known fact people grieve over the deaths of their loved ones and in many cases seek to communicate with their souls. People have claimed to experience many events in which they could communicate with souls.

With manís interest of communicating with the spirits, psychic mediums became popular since then. Psychics are those people who are able to communicate with spiritual world and the entities living in it; spirits of deceased, angels, human beingsí higher self and similar. However, psychicgenerally communicate with souls of dead ones and transfer their messages to their relatives in the world. This practice is primarily done to heal the familyís sorrows that are not able to fully accept the dead of their loved ones. Moreover such practices are also carried out in order to take guidance from spirituality and to prepare oneself for the life hereafter. Psychic mediums differ from ordinary mediums as their additional knowledge of future and fortune telling.

There are various techniques which are being followed in this procedureand can be broadly categorized into two types. First is physical medium ship which includes manipulation of bodyís energies in order to bring them along with those of spiritual world and thus the ability to communicate is made possible. The second form is mental medium ship which allows a psychic to communicate by initiating telepathy which is supposed to be conducted with spirits.

There are various channels psychic mediums use to practice their medium ship. Usually they have set up an office where they conduct such sessions. Else, there are psychic sessions conducted them at various points such as workshops, psychic fairs and many more. With advancement in communication technologies, psychics have now made themselves available on internet through voice chat, Skype, voice over IP, telephone and similar facilities. In todayís era it is very convenient to contact psychic through emails and telephone. Even medium ship sessions are being conducted on telephone conversations quite smoothly.

Psychic mediums are subject to criticism not only from common people but also by religious figures. From religious point of view itís wrong to mingle with spiritual world since God has not allowed us to do so. From others, it is criticized that psychic mediums are luring people in fake experiences and play with their emotions in order to flourish their business. NeverthelessFree Articles, there are many psychic mediums who have gained world over popularity making their presence at international media to share their knowledge and experiences. Many have written various books and are also working as professors at renowned universities and conducting researches

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Rachel Saxon writes for the psychic arena

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