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Friday, December 3, 2021
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Surviving the Times and Creating the Future

Lately Iíve been asked to discuss what I see happening with our economy and our world right now, and how to deal with these changes. Here is how I see it: We are now, and have for several years, been...

Lately Iíve been asked to discuss what I see happening with our economy and our world right now, and how to deal with these changes. Here is how I see it:

We are now, and have for several years, been undergoing a global, shift in values and awareness. It is a time of great transition to a new way of working, relating and being. Throughout recent history humanity has been creating a world based upon certain values and accepted standards. The values and standards of our past worked then, do not serve us now. Weíve worn out the old model and have come to the end of a cycle.

We are in the process of transitioning to a new way of relating, acting, working, being. This new model will be more conscientious, respectful, aware, connected, ecological and loving. We will work and play more harmoniously with each other and with our planet, doing more of what we love to do without obligation or pressure. We will create more quickly and easily using our thoughts and intentions. We will release and rework much of the negativity that has defined us and crippled us.

I see this happening, and I hope that you can see it happening this way, as well. We create our future by visualizing it. If we worry and dread, we create situations that are worrisome and dreadful. Itís important to instead visualize a bright future that is harmonious and peaceful. We can then create that. This is a great time to re-look at our lives and world and imagine how weíd like it to be. One way to assist in this process is to down things we want to happen in our lives and in your world. Use positive language and non-judgmental thinking. For example, "We are able to resolve our cultural differences through effective communication." This is a better creative sentence than, "We will stop killing each other."

So how do we think positive when weíre faced with a tumbling economy and war? First, and foremost itís essential that we stay present in each moment and reflect only on whatís occurring right now. For example, "Right now, I have enough to eat. Iím warm and comfortable. Iím alive and the sun is shining. I can deal with whatís happening in my life today, and live with that."

Iíve come to realize the value of being present in the moment while undergoing breast cancer treatment. There were times when it was painful and my body was undergoing debilitating changes. I was unable to work, and went without income for a couple months. If I had projected that pain and poverty extending into the future I would have been miserable. Instead, I stayed present with it and projected healing and rebirth. I decided to learn from the experience that I was having and use that information and new wisdom when I was well. I also found ways to be positive. I did what made me feel best in the moment, whether it was sleep, talking to friends, reading, walking, meditating, or even just sitting still. Instead of projecting that pain and suffering into a loss in the future, I decided that this was a learning time. I used it as a time of healing and rebirth. Iíve gained a tremendous amount from this experience. I donít recommend cancer, if you can find another way to do it. But, Iím at peace with my process and know that I am a fuller, wiser and more effective coach, speaker and human being because of it.

When we worry about problems that may happen in the future we project ourselves into that imagined future. We visualize ourselves in the future, and go there. Our awareness is in this projected future, and not in present time. But, the future doesnít exist yet. We then get lost, like living in a dream at night. It feels weird, uncomfortable and scary because things arenít real. Itís illusion Ė a bad dream and a waste of time and energy.

Here are some positive beliefs that I use to stay happy, hopeful and present now:

1. Everything happens for a (good) reason, whether I know what that reason is or not.

2. I can handle all obstacles put in my path. If itís on my path, I can handle it (or it wouldnít be on MY path).

3. Challenges are opportunities for growth and renewal.

4. Everything that goes down must come back up Ė and in a new, refreshed way.

5. Worrying about things I canít control is a waste of my energy. Positive thinking will support me.

The sky is not falling, and the world is not sinking into the vast economic abyss. These are limiting beliefs. I concede, this is a time of enormous transition and change, but you and I will both be fine. I choose to believe this; and I know through experience that my beliefs define my future reality. Letís create a great new world together by believing we can, and visualizing an even better future.

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Deborah Hill has been actively involved in the healing & coaching of others throughout her adult life; first as a Registered Nurse and Nurse-Midwife, and finally as an intuitive coach, author, speaker, teacher, energetic therapist and artist. Her extensive life experiences include 4 degrees in science and psychology, 18 years as an entrepreneur running her own business, and raising her wonderful, grown daughter as a single parent.

Deborah has extensively studied many forms of natural and traditional healing, as well as counseling, coaching and spiritual disciplines with several teachers over the past 35 years.

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