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Saturday, December 7, 2019
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The Wonders Of Tea Oil As A Yeast Infection Home Remedy

Learn how tea oil extract is used as a remedy for yeast infections. Discover the origins of this old standby treatment and see how exactly its ingredients is a potent yeast infection fungus killer.

An age old way that women have been treating and using as on of the yeast infection home remedies is the old standby essential oil known as Tea Tree Oil.

It is quite easy to buy and keep on hand and even easier to use. It is simply diluted and applied to the vaginal area in a topical manner. It has shown promise and potential in dealing with the yeast infection and the main ingredient that appears to work is the terpinen-4-ol which is in the tea tree oil.

The oil from the tea tree has been used for centuries by the aborigines in Australia in the treatment of everything from skin cuts to burns and infections. They did this originally by simply crushing the leaves and then applying the crushed green to the affected area.

Tea tree oil contains an ingredient called terpenoids, which have been found to have antiseptic and antifungal activity.

While there have not been a lot of extensive studies or clinical trials done to substantiate the results and effectiveness of the tea tree oil treatment, it has shown promise. The main caveat here is that you should absolutely never apply undiluted tea tree oil to your vaginal area or the vaginal area of a friend or loved one.

You certainly want to keep this, as you do with all other possible medicines, away from children. It is advisable to keep the oil away from your eyes, throat and ears at any time that you are using it and the good hygiene of thoroughly washing your hands after handling or wearing latex gloves when using is always a smart idea to avoid accidents.

Not that it will be huge concern for most of us, but if you happen to be a nudist, it would be advisable to refrain from sun bathing while using this oil since it makes your skin more sensitive to the effects of the sun.

It is also a great idea to do a test to your body before actually applying it to a sensitive area such as the vagina to make sure your skin will tolerate it well. This is easy to do by mixing a single drop of the essential oil to about a half teaspoon of vegetable oil and apply a small amount of that to your arm. If it itches, burns or turns red you should wash it off immediately and not use the product. Areas such as the vagina are especially sensitive and that burning could be more than just a little uncomfortable in that area.

The amazing thing is that if you can tolerate the oil it can be used in a lot of home remedies such as common athlete's foot, periodontal disease, dandruff, boils, lice, eczema, psoriasis, vaginitis and the yeast infection. It also does a fair job as an all around antiseptic. This makes it a great thing to keep around the home as a basic part of the first aid kit and it has a long shelf life and is relatively inexpensive as well.

If you are suffering from persistent yeast infections, learn more about a yeast infection home remedy that is very effective and will keep the yeast fungus at bay.  Learn how a yeast infection home remedy attacks the root cause and not just the symptoms of yeast infections.  And just rememberFree Web Content, you are not alone in fighting this awful problem.

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