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Sunday, December 8, 2019
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Want to Look Great Over 40 but Hate to Shop? Top 3 Secrets to Make Shopping Fun Again

Shopping can provide you with the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat. Itís thrilling when the clothes you try on look as good on your body as they did on the rack. Itís agony when nothing fits a...

Shopping can provide you with the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat. Itís thrilling when the clothes you try on look as good on your body as they did on the rack. Itís agony when nothing fits and you have to take that dreaded walk of shame Ė leaving the store empty-handed or holding a bag of clothes that are ďjust OK.Ē† For women over 40, the later is often the case. Malls are filled with stores targeting model-thin, younger women. No wonder shoppers over 40 can feel frustrated and left out.


Try these shopping strategies used by stylists. They may just make shopping fun again.

1.†† Planning + Focus = Successful Shopping

Treat Clothes Shopping Like Grocery Shopping

Make a list of what you want and where you can find it Ė just as you would for a grocery list. If you donít know where to begin shopping, examine your favorite clothes in your closet. The brands and stores they came from will provide the biggest clue about who caters to your shape and style. Starting at these stores will dramatically increase your chances for success.

Review magazines for ideas

If you canít decide on the look you want, flip through a few fashion magazines. This will give you fresh ideas about how to expand your wardrobe. Itís amazing how a few special accessories can give your wardrobe a major lift.

Shop alone

Shopping alone will keep you focused and on schedule. It will also help you to enjoy that all-important ďme timeĒ. Think about how much more focused you are when you grocery shop alone versus with the kids. The same applies to clothes shopping. I know this is asking a lot, but if your phone rings - unless you must answer - donít. You will be stunned at how much more you can accomplish.

2.† Time Matters

Dress for the occasion

When shopping, wear clothes that are easy to slip off and on. You will be much more likely to try on clothes and also save lots of time. Big purses are definitely chic, but they can weigh down and slow down even the best power shopper. Find a small, light-weight shoulder purse to stash bare essentials. As for shoes Ė comfort counts. Comfy flats save time as you dart around the stores. They also save you from future foot aches.†


Shopping can be exhausting so it is important to keep your energy up. If not, a one-hour trip to the mall can turn into several hours (and feel like torture). A protein bar is a handy snack that will prevent dips in energy. If you donít like bars, try stashing a few healthy snacks in your purse and graze as you gaze on the racks. This will do wonders for your stamina and energy.

Got change?

Parking will be easier, faster and more convenient if you bring quarters. Buy a roll at the grocery store or ask family members if you can raid their piggy banks. Youíll save time by expanding your parking options.

3.† Careful Consideration

Buy for the REAL you

The best purchases mirror who you are on the inside and reflect your style on the outside.† As designers and stylists, we shop with a specific customer profile and lifestyle.† Become clear about your style before you begin to shop.

Make peace with your body

Donít judge your body by how you want to look in the future. Make peace with how you look today.† Find and focus on your physical assets. In fact, make a deal with yourself to only buy items you can wear now. Using clothes as an incentive to lose weight can be very frustrating! Consider this: you may find that perfect outfit that instantly makes you look 10 pounds thinner today!†

Buy only what you love

Do not compromise.† If you are trying to talk yourself into buying something, it means you have not found the perfect item. Keep shopping - itís kinda like finding the right man!

Use a camera

If you have a tough time making decisions while shopping, your camera can help - particularly for special occasions. Snap a few shots of the outfit and take a look at it the next day. Youíll probably know instantly if itís a must-have or a have-not.

You can reduce shopping frustration and increase your odds of having a pleasant shopping experience with smart planning, time management and careful evaluation. By following these Ďtricks of the tradeíArticle Search, you can shop like a pro and feel like a million!

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Sybil Henry is founder of the website The Style Concierge.

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