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Friday, October 19, 2018
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How to Break Into Writing for Newspapers

Besides waking up with a morning coffee, millions of us wake every day to blaring ... ... about police gunning down a suspect, or a fire that leaves a family of four ... or a city co

Besides waking up with a morning coffee, millions of us wake every day to blaring newspaper headlines about police gunning down a suspect, or a fire that leaves a family of four homeless, or a city council that wants to make it illegal to dump computer monitors in the landfill.
The stories can be exciting, tragic, informative, even amusing. And being the reporter who gathers the information or covers the scene of emergency incidents must be a thrill.
As a freelance writer you may have considered trying your hand at newspaper reporting, but maybe you have little or no journalism classes in your background.
Donít let that stop you.
Break into the newspaper business by becoming a stringer Ė a freelance reporter who is paid by the story. Weekly and daily newspapers are always on the lookout for stringers. Itís economical for them and it frees up their staff reporters to handle the bigger stories.
What kind of work can you expect as a stringer? Iíve been stringing for 18 years covering news in the suburbs such as town council, school board, planning board and zoning board meetings. Stringers are also used to cover the local entertainment fare, high school and college sports, and feature stories.
The pay for stringers varies with the size of the newspaper. The basic rate is about $35 per story, but can go as high as $200 or more, depending on the work involved and if the paper also wants you to take photographs.
So how do you get started?
Check the newspaper or newspapers in the area. Read through the publications and see what stories are missing. Has a new department store opened recently, but you didnít find a story about it in the paper? Did your property tax bill suddenly skyrocket, but you read nothing about this coming down the pike?
Donít think nothing happens in the suburbs. Iíve covered town council meetings where police were called in to escort troublemakers out of the meeting hall. Iíve covered meetings where the debate escalated to a point where a council member stood and called her colleagues a ďbunch of sleezebags.Ē
Next, get some ideas together for stories. Find out if there are some community events approaching. Attend a town council or Board of Selectmenís meeting and see what issues your community or a nearby community is facing. Will there be a new traffic light downtown? Is the discount store thatís been in business for generations going to close permanently? Are there going to be new regulations for your weekly trash pick-up?
Once you have some ideas, call the newspaper youíre interested in and ask for the editor. Hint: get the editorís name from the newspaper and ask for him or her by name. Introduce yourself and let the editor know you are interested in stringing for the paper and that you have some ideas for stories youíd like to present.
Editors know stringers start out with little or no experience, so donít be embarrassed to say youíve never written for a newspaper if indeed you havenít. If you hear the editor start to hedge, offer to do one story for no pay Ė nothing big, maybe a 300-word piece on a local fund-raising event.
Some newspapers allow their stringers to write their stories in the newsroom. Some do not. If you happen to string for a paper that does not, you can submit your stories by modem or email.
Newspapers count on content to attract advertisers Ė their bread and butter. And while staffers may get to cover murders, fires, and accidentsPsychology Articles, itís the stringer who often covers the news that is the most informative to the community.
And stringers are often the next in line to be considered when a staff position becomes available.

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