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Monday, September 20, 2021
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How To Receive Advance Information From God In Writing

This ability IS your gut ... in writing. It carries profound ... and is ... to you every ... “still small voice” within, that “gut feeling” or sudden ... idea, IS God c

This ability IS your gut instincts in writing. It carries profound accuracy, and is available to you every moment.

That “still small voice” within, that “gut feeling” or sudden brilliant idea, IS God communicating to you to help you in your life.

You may not believe in God, nor do you have to. This is fine.

You do not have to call the source of this wisdom “God.” You can call it intuition, your higher self, common sense, higher consciousness, your deepest wisdom, the collective unconscious.

Wisdom does not need a name.

Your gut instincts in writing can suffice as far as naming this ability.

The most important aspect of this is that you access your highest wisdom to achieve, clarify, or gain a higher perspective, to help you in any area of your life.

Here is how you do it.

1. Go into a room where you feel most comfortable where there are no outside distractions.

2. Sit or lie on pillows, and get into a comfortable position to write.

3. Take five to seven deep breaths.

4. Ask to be connected to whatever name you give your highest and deepest source of guidance or wisdom.

5. Ask for only the pure truth, to come to your mind in writing.

(You can pray for divine protection if you believe in this, or you can simply say in your own mind that you request ONLY the highest and purest truth. If you believe in prayer, you can read psalm 121 from the bible before you begin. Or you can simply tell yourself that you are now going to access and bring your highest wisdom forth into your conscious mind.)

6. Take several deep breaths, in through your nose, and out of your mouth.

7. Write your questions down. Then write Thank You for this wisdom in advance. (Personally, I write: “Thank You God for Divine, Perfect Truth in Advance. Love, Barbara.") You may phrase your thank you in any way you prefer. Just know that you are about to receive wisdom, and an attitude of gratitude is best for this.

8. As words and thoughts come into your mind, start writing. Do NOT censor, or try to make any sense of the words as they come into your mind. You can analyze all you want when you are finished. Just write every word as fast as you can. Abbreviate words. For example: Rather than write the word “with” I write “w/.”

9. No matter what words come into your mind, write them down.

(You may not believe a lot of the words that come to mind, (I used to think “this is bull” or “No way!” or “I don’t believe this” when I received information in writing. And yet, they ALL turned out to be the truth!)

Some of the wording may be very different compared to how you normally express yourself. When I received words such as: “My child” or “Let me say unto you” or “this has already happened” it felt awkward.

10. After you receive the answers to your questions, read all of your information.

11. Save your writings!

I cannot stress this enough. In the future, you will look back, and see how the guidance or answers you were given was astoundingly accurate.

12. That is all there is to it!

Here is an analogy of invaluable personal advice.

Whenever I had a gut instinct, and I did not follow it, I wanted to kick myself afterward. I would say “I knew it, I had a feeling, and I went against it.” I felt regret.

The same thing happened to me every time I did not follow the guidance given to me in my writings.

I received information in writing. I did not follow it. I did this because either I didn’t believe it, or I didn’t have enough personal growth, or self esteem yet, to follow it. I always wanted to kick myself afterward. On the other hand, when I DID follow the guidance I received in my writings, just like following my gut instincts, I never went wrong.

Your motive has to be pure when you do a writing. To want the truth. To better yourself. To find the best course of action in any personal decision or circumstance facing you.

If you think this is akin to airy fairy nonsense, then I ask you to remember a time when you had a gut instinct, and did not follow it. What was the result?

Were you ever trying to figure something out, and then received the answers in your sleep?

If you wanted an answer to a question, and I handed you an encyclopedia containing every answer, would you pick it up and look up the answer?

This is your own personal encyclopedia. USE IT!

Let me know if it helped you. Every person I taught this to thanked me. They were amazed at the accuracy.

It took me two years of written proof to believe I was not insane, or making this up. I am also here to tell you that every human being on Earth has this same ability.

I am sharing this with you so you can access your own personal encyclopedia of advance information and answers. To soar in your own life, gain clarity, and empower yourself with the profound wisdom and answers available to you whenever you ask for them.

Give it a try. You have nothing to loseFind Article, and everything to gain!

Enjoy this gift. Enjoy your wisdom. It is there for you to access and use to uplift yourself.

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In her nationally praised seminars and workshops, Author, public speaker and columnist Barbara Rose shares the secrets of turning tragedy into triumph. Her books; Individual Power: Reclaiming Your Core, Your Truth, and Your Life; and If God Was Like Man (Publication Date April, 2003) share profound, inspiring insight. Please visit her website

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