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Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Poly Want A Cracker?

Here is something to chew on.  I want the polycrons to see that the monochrons can now take advantage of a plan to catch up.

Poly Want A Cracker? By Linda Vissat 

For all the Polychrons out there, here is something to chew on.  We know you all multi-task really well and do so much it's hard to keep up with, but…I want the polycrons to see that the monochrons can now take advantage of a plan to catch up.  As a monochronic person, I'm result driven and scientific minded, but also creative.  So I'm going to makeup a word here.  

Bev Walton-Porter of said it in an article on "Time Perception and Priorities", "There ought to be a word for those who straddle both sides of the spectrum...and perhaps there will be some fine day. " Maybe this one might catch on; allechronic.  Alle meaning all in French.   

Do you want to accomplish more when you write, schedule better, simplify the who, what, whens, and where?  Well, I've done a little research and composed a make-shift small exercise out of information on my sites about my submissions on an ezine engine and driver, that will help me do and accomplish more.  As a new writer I wanted to know if I could see a pattern in my writing coming from the viewer of my material.  Walla.  I did and I want to share it with you. 

First of all, you must know I am novice at the internet and article sites.  I continue to learn as I go.  Baby steps, if you will.  One site I am on,, has provided me with a Member Manager, Article Report.  I just find it interesting, so here goes. 

Most of my writings are travel related, but here is the phenomenon…the themes noted below I rated by the number of times viewed, so I knew what type of writing was getting more hits.  Please give me a break.   

Sure, we don't know if the readers are actually reading, but that is not the point.  I know the viewing numbers are not significant, in number, but in meaning, they are.  It gave me a place to start to discern just what steps to take next in my writing and my attempts at article driving.  This has got to be a new form of "cowboy", doesn't it? 

The following table shows the results.  The first column shows the number of times my posted articles were viewed, the second column shows the major theme of the writing, and the third column shows what that means to me.  So, the third column is your own personal interpretation, of course. 

This column reveals the viewers thoughts, in my opinion.  From this scientifically composed model I derive a hypothesis.  It is, the readers are majorly overworked and looking for articles and writings that help them solve that problem.  I am able to determine an audience's drive to read, reading habits and what it is they are really looking for on their internet searches, especially when it comes to travel.  This, in turn assists me to hone in on what to write that will be sellable to the market that has thirsting readers.   

See, I don't want to waste time.  I am "results" driven.  Time is precious.  I am driven to acquire credibility in my writing, since I have none.  This helped me to establish a model and plug it into routine, for now, of what to write when and about what. 

There is still work to do.  Target your local publishers.  Note the features, columns and format of writing in the publications.  Note, what of yours is read (loose term) more frequently and write or revise existing articles to coincide.  If you write mostly universal pieces, find a local angle and change it, or vice versa, then submit, submit, submit. 

I am going to share twelve ratings with you, because that's all the articles I have posted right now.  From high to low the ratings are:

58 On Wine, Food, and relaxation, indicating the viewers are overworked. 

52 On a theme of getting out of an overworked scenario safely; monkey business about passports.   

49 A spin on mixing electricity and water.  I couldn't believe the high ratings here!. 

41 About haunts and spooky stuff.  Told me people watch a lot of psychic phenomenon on the Travel Channel to escape.  This coupled with my next rating of:

39 About mystery and intrigue.  Tells me people just love this theme. 

35 An article with a spin of deceit and lies was next.  What does that tell you?  Three in a row.  Then there's: 

33 About art.  So they've calmed down now.  Yes, people are still searching for a way out of their humdrum existence after they've read that good mystery novel.  Then they switch to romance at: 

32 After the loving is over, though, they resort to: 

29 Mellowing out.  They plateau and reflect on conservation and the environment.  Then they are rejuvenated and want to get active again at: 

26 Biking and sports activities.

Well, who doesn't? 


23 is about growing and gardening.  Guess these folks have mellowed even more.  But you know what they are still looking to find?   The perfect travel adventure and get away from the "workaholic" world, because in the last rated writing of: 

22 they don't care what it costs.  They just want to join the elite. 

It is phenomenal that this exercise told me a story. 

You will have to do this with your own writings to get a sense of what sells and where to focus your energy in your writing career. If you are on an ezine articles driver that offers the article report feature, study it, use it and come up with a report of your own to help unblock clutter in your brain (and your computer; organize your files).  Train yourself to be an allechronic and target your market, time, energy, and sell those articles.   

This might just be the crack-er for writer's block.  Etymology describes the word crack or cracker as meaning "boastful" and originating in 1766, stemming further to mean excellent and superb. 

This little exercise certainly did that for me.  Give it a try. 

Although, I haven't sold any writings yet, and no one knows me, the energy boost I feel from this discovery is better than "Red Bull" with vodka.  I will stick to wine, though…as a priority writing category.

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Linda also studied painting at the Art Academy in Loveland, CO and loves to travel, write, paint, design, and decorate.

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