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Saturday, January 18, 2020
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The Art of Writing Effective Web Site Sales Copy

If you're selling a product or service on the ... your words are the most ... factor in ... your success. ... web sites with fancy images won't make sales however, many I

If you're selling a product or service on the Internet, your
words are the most important factor in determining your
success. High-tech web sites with fancy images won't make
sales however, many Internet entrepreneurs spend much
more time designing a professional looking web site than
writing effective sales copy. A professional looking web site
is a very important part of making sales, but without effective
sales copy your web site will be useless.

The art of writing effective sales copy is simply learning how to
write persuasive words specifically written for your targeted
customer. You must feel your customers needs and write your
copy with passion, excitement and benefit.

If you've ever developed a new product then you know that
there is a certain time when your emotions are riding high and
you're full of excitement and anticipation. This is the best time
to write your sales copy. Your excitement will flow through your
words. Take this time to sit down and write an outline for your
sales message.

Creating A Headline

The first part of your outline will be your headline. This is the
most important part of your entire sales copy. You must write
a headline that demands attention and forces your visitor to
read on. Most of your visitors will only read your headline. If
it doesn't instantly grab their attention, they'll move on and
never return.

Writing an Introduction

Once you've captured your visitor's attention, you'll now need
to direct their attention to your introduction. Keep your
introduction brief and to the point. Let them know exactly what
you have to offer them.

Use Plenty of Subheadings

Your next step in creating your outline is to add subheadings.
Subheadings are basically just smaller headlines used to
break up your text blocks. They also provide your readers
with important highlights of your paragraphs. Use plenty of
subheadings throughout your copy, as not all of your visitors
will read your copy word for word. They'll simply scan it and
only read what catches their attention.

Remove the Risk

You must provide a solid, no risk, money back guarantee.
Provide a limited time free trial or download that will
completely remove the risk. This will build your potential
customers confidence and put their mind at ease. Display
your guarantee in bold text and even mention it in your sales
message and on your order page.

Call for Action

Ask for the order and provide an easy ordering process.
Continue to reassure your potential customer and lead them
to your order page.

Use a P.S.

When your visitor scans your sales message, chances are
they'll read your headline, subheadlines and your PostScript
message. Place your most important benefits within your P.S.
message. It will get read.

Writing Your Copy

Now, you're ready to begin filling in the spaces. When you
begin writing your paragraphs, get straight to the point, avoid
negativity and hype, and write in small sections. Vary the
paragraph sizes and limit each paragraph to four or five lines
max. If you feel that your paragraph will be longer than four or
five lines, try to use bullets to display important points. Write
in an everyday language that everyone can understand.

Make sure you use plenty of white space. White space is the
empty space between your paragraphs and around your text.
You don't want to overwhelm your visitors with a solid page of
black text. Nothing will make them click away any faster.

Pack your sales copy with benefits from your headline straight
through to your order form. Make sure you don't confuse
features with benefits. Features don't sell... Benefits sell. Your
visitor wants to know exactly what your product or service can
do for them.

Provide Testimonials

Testimonials provide another great way to reassure your
visitors. Blend your testimonials in with your sales message.
Avoid making your visitors have to click to another page to
view your testimonials; chances are, they won't. By blending
your testimonials in with your sales message you can ensure
they will be read.

Selecting Fonts

Avoid using fancy fonts. Fancy fonts make text difficult to read.
In addition, your visitor may not have that font on their computer.
Select a font that is easy to read and use black text on a light

Long Copy Vs. Short Copy

It is a proven fact that long sales copy out-sells short sales
copy, but some visitors do prefer a short sales letter. You can
give your visitors both. For those who prefer a short sales
letter you can provide opportunities to click through to your
order page prior to ending your sales letter.

Try to keep your sales letter all on one page. Your visitor
would much rather have to scroll through your letter than click
through and load another page. With each additional click,
you'll lose a percentage of your potential customers.

Your words should seamlessly flow together from your
headline through to your order page. Keep it simple, to the
point and pack it with all of the benefits your product has to
offer. The simpleArticle Submission, well-designed web sites with killer sales
copy make the sales.

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Shelley Lowery is the webmistress of - Your Guide to Professional
Web Site Design and Development. For further information
on writing effective sales copy read her review of Make
Your Words Sell.

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