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Tuesday, March 26, 2019
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Who Said You Canít Make A Profitable Income Selling Your Short Stories?

The truth is, selling your short stories to ... is not the way to make a ... living from ... you enjoy doing. The reason isnít hard to ... ... pay a once-off paymen

The truth is, selling your short stories to publishers is not the way to make
a comfortable living from something you enjoy doing. The reason isnít
hard to understand. Publishers pay a once-off payment for your stories, if
they are accepted. And that once-off payment, in most cases, isnít anything
to get excited about.

But most writers settle for this because they tell themselves, well, at least
my story is published.


You can have your cake and eat it too. You can become published and you
can make a comfortable income too.

Other writers have done it. I have done it. And you can do it too.

What has brought this change of events? You might have guessed the
Internet. The Web far surpasses all those other options open to us.
With the InternetÖ

* Itís in your capacity to start your own businessFeature Articles, it doesnít matter
what your circumstance are.

* You can keep building on that business to increase your income

* You can run your business on autopilot. Have you heard the
stories where Internet business owners make money while they
sleep? They arenít kidding.

* You can keep generating sales from your short stories. Donít
only sell them once to a publisher. Keep selling the same stories
over and over again.

Becoming frustrated with submitting to publishers I thought Iíd try to sell
my stories myself and Ďsee what happens.í I saw what happened alright.
I saw Iíd been wasting my time all those years settling for less. Iím thankful
to that writer who opened my eyes to the power of the internet.

Iíve made more from this book of short stories than I sell at than Iíve seen all those years waiting
for publishers to sell my stories.

Iíve learnt something from this experiment.

If you want things to happen Ė you have to make them happen.

The transition between unpublished and published lies in your thinking.

Do you want to keep submitting to publishers to see what happens?


Do you want to sell your stories yourself and see what happens?

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Georgina Stath is a creative writer who took matters into her own
hands. She runs her own business. She writes what she wants. She keeps
all the profits. You can do it too. Just change your mind.
Join the ĎEntrepreneur Creative Writerís Course To Success.í Itís free
and highly informative. Send a blank email to

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