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Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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Write Your Own How-To Book By Spring

Write Your Own How-To Book Before ... can you do before March 21st (the first dayof spring) to make 2004 your ... year?Win the ... in big in Las ... promoted to the head

Write Your Own How-To Book Before Spring!

What can you do before March 21st (the first day
of spring) to make 2004 your turnaround year?

Win the lottery?

Cash in big in Las Vegas?

Get promoted to the head of your company?

OK - so these aren't very realistic accomplishments -
certainly not worth banking your future on are they?

You already know that creating your own product is one
real, honest-to-goodness way people do completely change
their lifestyles for the better.

What you may NOT know is that YOU can create your own
high-profit How-To Book - and have it paying you by
March 21st of this year (only 3 months away!)

In fact, it happened to me last year. After 15-years of
climbing the corporate ladder, health problems, frustration
and unhappiness - one single book changed my entire life....


Here's the simple formula to follow that can literally
change your life by March 21st of this year.

Step 1: You Can Do It - Here's Proof

There are literally thousands of recent incredible
self-publishing stories, where people tapped into a niche
market, created their own high-demand "How-To" products
and changed their lives forever!

Take the example of Joe Vitale who started by going the
traditional publishing route, only to shocked into self-
publishing by the lack of profits from even a best-selling
published book.

He went on to self-publish The Seven Lost Secrets of Success
and Spiritual Marketing - which went to #1 on Amazon selling
over 5,000 copies in just 1 day.

Or Pati Palmer and Susan Pletsch Foster of Palmer/Pletsch
publishing ( wrote a couple
of their own books about sewing in the 1970's selling over
900,000 copies of one, and well over 250,000 of many others.

You should have no doubt you can do it - you control how
soon success will be achieved.

Step 2: Niche Markets, Hot Opportunities

Here are just 10 niche markets that have been tapped for
incredible self-publishing profits with information

- Photography (Photography Manuals)
- Horse lovers (Horse Training Videos)
- Job Seekers (Finding Perfect Career)
- Arthritis Sufferers (Curing Arthritis)
- Entrepreneurs (How To Start Own Cleaning Business)
- Home Computer Users (Securing Your Computer)
- Health and Wellness (Diets, Cookbooks, Bodybuilding,
- Dog Owners (Secrets of Professional Dog Trainer)
- Home Buyers (Mortgage Loan Tips, Real Estate Tips, Home
Inspection Tips, etc...)
- Men (101 Stories of Men Popping The Question)

There are literally THOUSANDS more niche markets - each with
thousands of potential products -- all of this presents you
with an INCREDIBLE opportunity to share in the Billions
spent on information every year.

There are many ways to find hot selling niche markets -
here's just a few areas to tap...

1. Your hobbies or interests
2. Your experiences, challenges in life
3. Trends
4. Travel
5. Experts around you...

You'll find over 40 detailed techniques on finding niche
markets and turning them into high-profit infoproducts
right here:

MOST important is that you a) pick a niche market to target
and b) you understand their high-demand wants and needs
so you can put your information in front of a demand tornado.

3. Questions, Questions, Questions - Answers, Answers, Answers

There are different formulas for writing How-To books, but by
far the simplest and most effective is to organize your book
to address...

a) One main overriding desire or goal your target market
wants VERY badly.
b) Answer a series of questions that step your reader
through achieving that desire or goal in a simple,
step-by-step format as possible.

So - what that means for you is that 90% of writing your
book is getting the right questions in the right order to
lead your reader toward their goal.

So - Chapter 1 solves "X" problem, and here's the 10
questions your customers will need answers to on the way.

Chapter 2 solves "Y" problem, and here's the 10 questions
your customers will need to answer along the way...And so

Of course, you can answer questions in many ways..

You can just plainly write the answer.

You can tell a story to illustrate the answer.

You can quote the answer from research.

You can give an analogy or use humor to illustrate the

You can provide visual examples, screenshots, pictures,
video, audio, etc...

Whatever the technique - the secret to writing books is
to maintain one central focus, and lay out steps to achieving
the end goal.

Step 4. How To Get Others To Finish Your Book

You may be concerned about giving people an early look at
your idea, concepts and work.

Yes, you need to be careful WHO you ask for feedback, but
you cannot let this stop you from testing your work.

Who should you get to test your work?

1. Represenative customers - not your friends, family - but
real people in your target market.

2. Experts in your field

3. Other writers, publishers, marketers that operate in your
target market but that don't directly compete with you.

Strike up relationships, offer them free coverage in your
book, on your website, a percentage of the profits in a future
joint venture marketing effort in exchange for reviews,
feedback and opinion.

You may very well get 1 or 2 ideas from these tests that makes
a huge increase in the popularity of your products.

Test your title, content, pricing, positioning, format, key

Test it all - it will make your product better for it.

STEP 5. Your Own Massive Launch

If you set March 21st as your launch date - make sure you have
a complete website, compelling copy, at least 6-10 joint
venture partners setup, Press Releases ready, an affiliate
tracking program in place, a back-end selling system and

If you could change your entire life, set the foundation to walk
away from a stale, boring lifestyle and gain the control over
our time, creative energy and finances that we all so badly want,
wouldn't that be worth following these 4 steps?

Create Your Own How To Books That Will Sell Like Wildfire!
Discover Tips, Techniques and Strategies For Quickly Creating
Income-Generating eBooks, Reports, BooksFeature Articles, Audios and More...
Build Your Own Publishing Empire and Change Your Life Forever!

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