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Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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Writers: Top 10 Signs Your TV Interview Is Not Going So Hot!

Writers: Top 10 Signs Your TV ... Is Not Going So Hot!By Dr. Letitia S. Wright, ... 2005When a writers book becomes hot or happens to be exactly what the TV show is talking about, the

Writers: Top 10 Signs Your TV Interview Is Not Going So Hot!
By Dr. Letitia S. Wright, D.C.
Copyright 2005

When a writers book becomes hot or happens to be exactly what the TV show is talking about, the writer will be asked to be on the show.
Most writers do not bother to prepare for media because they know their material. They usually do not know how to make this an dynamic television interview which can increase sales and cause repeat appearance. These tips come from a television producer who loves authors and hopes to assist them in becoming exciting repeat guests for television.

10. You answer each question with a Yes or No answer. This is a nightmare for your host and producer. They immediately start looking for ways to end the interview.

9. You answer every question with “That information is in my book…”
Don’t worry about giving away anything, except for the exact ending of a fictional plot, people need to hear about the book before they buy it.

8. You take long pauses to consider the questions before you answer them. Long pauses on radio and television are deadly and cause people to change the channel.

7. You ask the host on air if they have read your book. Sometimes hosts do not get a chance to read the materials sent to them. If you are on the show, someone has checked out your book enough to think you are a good choice. Don’t embarrass people.

6. You sit there immobile while you answer questions. No one expects you to turn cartwheels, you have a microphone on and can’t get up and move. But you do need to look like you are actually alive, it’s TV, move your hands a little and change your facial expressions.

5. The studio can’t find the book you sent them and you didn’t bring any extras. It’s a big studio, sometimes materials have to change hands a few times before you are ok’d as a guest. Always have a copy of your book with you, so they can show it on air. It also helps to bring a blow up of your book and an stand to place it on.

4. You answer questions with “ Do I have enough time to go over this?” If they are asking you about it, you have enough time. They’ll stop you if you run out of time.

3. The comments on something you are wearing and you have nothing to say about it. If a host says that’s an interesting tie, they might have thought it was a prop to stimulate the conversation about your book. All props have a short story to go with them. Do not wear anything outrageous and not expect for it to be commented on unless you are Mathew Lesko. He always wears that jacket.

2. When the host asks you to tell them a about yourself and your background, you start with “ I was born in a little town…..”
They just want some basic current information about, not your entire life story. When you start talking about where you were born as background material, it brands you as an amateur.

1. Finding yourself commenting on things clearly off track of your subject. Sometimes the host can go down a rabbit trail, you have to take control of the interview and bring them back to your topic in a friendly gentle way that doe not alienate their viewers. RememberArticle Search, it’s their show and you won’t look good being a jerk to the host.

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Dr. Letitia S. Wright, D.C. is the producer and host of The Wright Place TV Show and a 2004 Stevie Award Finalist. For a Free Report-5 Fast Ways to Get Your Book on TV email :

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