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Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Aerial advertising Ėa good value for the dollar

Call it tough times, hard times, a recession, a depression. Call it depressing. Whatever you call it, the reality is that times are really difficult for most people right now. And business owners are no exception.

Thereís a natural tendency to reign in the spending when times are tough. Business owners and executives might extend that reigning in advertising as well. Why advertise when customers are scarce and arenít spending money? One might consider that a valid argument until thereís consideration for the fact that there are many avenues for advertising that are good values for the dollar, that can provide a return on the investment. All it requires is a little innovative thought.

Aerial banners provide advertising thatís unique, interesting and affordable. People pay attention to aerial banners and they respond to them. While itís true that things are difficult, you can alter the way you do your advertising. Youíll get that new customer, that repeat customer, that customer who will spend money.


Itís all about how you design and promote your aerial ad. Letís say that you have previously relied on newspaper advertising, with an occasional radio ad thrown in for good measure. You run half-page ads in the newspaper every Wednesday and radio ads perhaps every few days. Until recently, it seemed to be effective, but now, not so much.

Letís see how you can make aerial advertising work for you. Since many of your customers have likely already seen your newspaper ads and heard the radio ads, they are perhaps already familiar with your product or service.

Design a simple banner ad (and use the expertise that the aerial advertising company can offer here) that highlights one aspect of your business. Perhaps youíre the well-known brewing company in town. In your newspaper ads, you might highlight the well-known menu items or the live music on Friday nights. But banner ads require a more direct approach, so you instead design an ad that features a tall stein full of ale and just your tag line, whatever it might be, along with your restaurant name.

Now, imagine that aerial banner flying over the beach on a hot July day. Those beachgoers might not be reading the newspaper and they might be listening to iPods, not the radio. They have no idea that you are just around the corner. But as they sit on the beach and bake, they think about how good a cold glass of beer would sound later. And then your airplane sign appears. They pay attention, and they absorb what your banner tells them. Suddenly, you have a new crew of visitors for beer and dinner that night.

Aerial advertising can work alone, but some studies have shown that it works better when used in conjunction with other kinds of advertising. Maybe, to save money, you get rid of the radio ads, but continue the newspaper ads. Thanks to your ability to reach a huge number of people at once, you reduce the size of the newspaper ad, but continue to run it, perhaps offering a coupon or special deal.

And what have you created? A plan to increase revenue even in the midst of a recession. Well done, you.

Arnold Aerial Advertising is one of the many companies that provide such services. Located in New YorkBusiness Management Articles, Arnold Aerial Advertising provides nationwide service with affordable rates.

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Michael Arnold is the Director of Arnold Aerial Advertising Inc. They conduct all forms of Aerial Advertising: NASCAR, Indy Car, Spring Break, Concerts, Conventions, Rush Hour Traffic, Football, Baseball, State Fairs, all Beaches, Parades, Cruise Lines, etc. and produce the custom banners as well.

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