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Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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Ensure Your Printed Advertising Flyers Succeed

In a world overpowered by digital marketing messages, the use of printed media might be thought to be obsolete as an advertising tool for your business. Not so. We look at why printed flyers and the distribution of such can still make a very effective and cost-effective advertising vehicle.

Flyers can be used very effectively as part of your overall business marketing strategy. Printed flyers are not only cost effective, but they provide prospective customers with much information, increase top-of-mind awareness and allow for very targeted marketing of your business, promotions and other offers that can attract customers to do business with you instead of your competitors.

Let’s look at some of the advantages of printed flyers:

  •     Flyers are tangible and even in a technology-consumed society, many people still relate better to something they can touch, read and keep. With flyers, they information is visible, tangible, and most pivotally – it can be kept and viewed again by a potential customer, which in turn will remind them of your business and its products or services. This way it avoids the general drawback of online advertising – being forgotten as soon as it is scrolled past on-screen. Printed flyers, on the other hand, often gets pinned to the fridge or kept in a handbag to be kept and retrieved when your potential customer needs your product.
  •      The distribution of printed flyers can be targeted, refined and administered precisely where you choose. Targeting your market audience, geographically or demographically, will increase the return on your investment. Beware of blanket distribution - it can turn out to only be a waste of time, money and resources – no matter what some marketing ‘experts’ will tell you.

Considering the aforementioned, let’s look at a few pointers that are key to keep in mind before you market with printed flyers:

  1. Keep it Concise

People are already overwhelmed with information from every direction and platform. A flyer should contain all the pertinent information about a business but communicate the message as succinctly as possible. A clear, although comprehensive flyer will attract prospective customers’ attention, inform them of your business, its product or services, special offers and how they can contact you. Consider using a professional copywriter who understands good persuasive selling content; it will prove worth the cost.

  1. Size Counts

Advertising flyers are most effective in A5 format. Consider where your flyer will end up. On a fridge or a notice board? On the car’s dashboard or in a wallet? Your flyers need to be the right size - small enough not to be inconvenient, but large enough not to be misplaced or lost.

  1. Contact is Crucial

Ensuring your contact details is correct and easily visible is very important. Your business telephone numbers, physical address and email addresses should all be included. Avoid the frequent mistake of letting your contact information get lost – ensure that your future customers can easily locate your contact details when they wish to get in touch with you.  

  1. The Power of Appearance

Your flyer’s design should be considered with care. A flyer is, in essence, an advertisement and may be the first impression of your business, service or product for many customers. The design should be attention-grabbing, colorful and interesting, but always keep it simple and elegant and neat. Also, keep the colors, layout and theme in line with the branding of your business not to confuse customers and make recognition of your business easier.

  1. Proper Printing is Essential

Decent printed flyers add significantly to the impression your business will make on future customers. Never cut corners when printing flyers – using the office laser printer will not suffice. The quality if your marketing material will determine the quality of your customers, as this will affect how your business is perceived. Utilize the experience and expertise of a high caliber printing company. Ensure that your flyers are printed on good quality paper and always print in full color. Make sure your flyer combines attractive design, relevant and expertly written content, as well as overall high-quality materials. Your aim is to achieve a final product that will impressHealth Fitness Articles, drive customers to your door or your website and give you a satisfactory return on your investment.


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Being involved in the world of digital marketing, online presence management and more specifically content management for clients from various industries, including the printing industry (for example Asset Print), the writer has gained insight and experience into many aspects of marketing across different industries and applies that knowledge in writing relevant and interesting articles on various topics that might be useful to readers.

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