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Monday, November 30, 2020
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Join me, I'm a failure too!

Article: Join Me, I'm a failure too!Word Count 605by Gary J ... ... you realise it not, every time you send out an email, or place a ... Ad, ... to an Ezine, you are

Article: Join Me, I'm a failure too!

Word Count 605

by Gary J Kidd

Whether you realise it not, every time you send out an email, or place a Classified Ad, subscribe to an Ezine, you are sending out a message about yourself each and every time.

There is one thing that stands out more than anything else from your emails!

It is your email address!

If you are running your online business using a Free Email Address, you are sending out a message to all who receive it. You are telling them certain things by using a Free Email Account.

1. I am a complete amateur and new at this.
2. I am losing money like 95% of those online.
3. I can't afford a paid email account.
4. If you reply to this it will probably bounce.
5. This is my junk email account in which I receive 500 emails a day.
6. This online stuff is great so let's give it a go and see what happens.

So, which one refers to you?

A Professional appearance in your online business is essential. An online business is no different from running an offline business. So why treat it any different.

If you had an offline business and needed to visit people to make sales, would you go in t-shirt and jeans?

Millions of people each day buy goods from Catalogues. These are well presented, with glossy photos inside to make the goods more attractive. You probably buy stuff from them yourself.

But, would you buy from it if, it came to you as photo copied paper, black and white photos, and bound together by hand to look like it was home produced? Of course not.

But all the time you are using a Free Email account to run your Online Business, you are doing exactly that!

Nearly all Junk email and SPAM comes from Free Email Accounts. Why? Because they are throw away.

Most Scams on the Internet use Free email Accounts also!

Join me, I'm a failure too! I am a SPAMMER and a SCAMMER!

"But it will cost money to have a paid Email Account"

The truth is it costs money to run any business, and your online business is no different.

All you have to do is get your own Domain Name, then get it hosted. You then have hundreds of email accounts for yourself. You can use different ones for each of your programs. Not only that, you can re-direct all your affiliate links through your own website, and create an impression of professionalism when you send out your Ads.

Setting up a Domain and website is not expensive. Re-directing your links is easy and a child could learn it in a few hours.

Here is an example for you. Which link do you think looks better? .php?rid=106

Not only that, the Affiliate link is protected from someone stealing it and your commissions.

If you need help and want to know the cheapest way of setting everything up, then you should subscribe for Free to my Ezine. you will get an Affiliate Link Protector for free, and I can show you where to get everything else you need for less than the cost of a family Pizza. http:/

Do not give the impression to others that you are a failure. Ok, you may be losing money, but do not advertise it. You may be new, but do not advertise it. You may have a lot to learn and need help, don't advertise it, ask for help!

To be successful, you must look successful.
To be a failurePsychology Articles, you must look a failure!

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Gary J Kidd is the Editor of TFI News. A weekly publication that specialises in helping New and experienced Internet Marketers. He can show you exactly how to start an Online business and be in profit within a few weeks.

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