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Monday, March 18, 2019
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Artist Materials To Express Your Creative Side

Artist materials are many and varied and can be used in a variety of ways to create different effects. An artist has free reign when it comes to their imagination and thanks to the wide variety of mat...

Artist materials are many and varied and can be used in a variety of ways to create different effects. An artist has free reign when it comes to their imagination and thanks to the wide variety of material available, can create a wonderful palette of colors, textures and designs.

The hardest thing to choose will be your materials. Do you like to work with chalk on paper, with pastels, crayons, water colors, acrylic paints or even oil paints. Working on canvas is quite different to using paint on paper. There are a variety of brushes, made from various types of bristles and these can vary in thickness from just a few hairs to brushes wider than the palm of a mans hand.

Early cave dwellers first began depicting aspects of their daily lives and images of the world they saw around them by applying pigments to the walls of their caves. These early pigments were made from powdered elements like chalk, shell, iron ore, iron oxide and other naturally occurring materials. The pigments were applied by mixing them with saliva and applying directly to the stone or by using moss or animal hair.

Over the centuries application techniques and the pigments themselves have evolved. Modern suppliers have made great advancements in the overall quality of todays paint supplies. The products are of the highest quality standards and will keep their color and integrity for many years to come.

For those wishing to paint on silks and textiles, specialized silk and textile paints have been specifically created as regular oil paints would be too heavy for this delicate material. Fabric painting has become a popular pastime and there is a wide selection of colors available for you to choose from.

An interesting addition to any artists paint box is a product called gouache that contains a gum-like substance which is added to water and oil based paints alike for smoother application, improving the viscosity of the pigment. Canvases are the standard material used as a base for oil paints and are made up of closely textured material pulled taut over a wooden frame. The material is sealed with a primer base coat.

A variation that is available includes inks and water colors. These are usually applied to a special type of paper rather than being used on canvas. Artists agree that application takes time and practice to master, with each artist developing their own individual style. Pencil colors are also a popular option with many artists and are available in a wide selection of shades.

A further option available to artists is mixed media, which amounts to just about anything! Material, beads, cork, veneer, natural materials like bark or sea shells and many other items can be combined with traditional paintsPsychology Articles, pastels and chalks to create an innovative and exciting color and texture palette as a feast for the viewers eyes.

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