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Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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Is there A HPV Cure

The article talks about the issues related HPV Cure. It explains the complication associated with it and what are the risk for each gender. It also talks about possible solution to prevent HPV Cure.

Did you know that over 20 million individuals in the word have HPV disease? What might even sound much more scarier is that there is no HPV remedy. Some of you might even be thinking, that although you don't know what it is, you don't have it. Well the truth is, there may be no symptoms to identify HPV. It might even go unnoticed.

HPV or Human papillomavirus is a sexually transmitted disease. Having vaginal, rectal sex or even oral sex is the only way that you are able to get this STD. Your partner may have HPV and not even be conscious of it.

HPV can be simpler to detect in a woman than it's in a man. A pap test can find strains which sometimes leads to cervical cancer. If these strains  reveal that you have HPV, then there will be an additional test to try and find out if you have this STD. It can also be detected through the vaginal hpv warts. Genital warts are not always found in people with HPV.

It is a lot more hard to detect the HPV infection in men. The only wayon  men can know that they have it, is if there are visible genital warts which have a cauliflower like growth. This STD does not generally produce warts in everyone, making it a lot more difficult to detect.

Considering this you may be one of from the 20 million people with this infection might make you a bit nervous. You might even start to anxiety when you find out that there really is no cure for this STD. Well if you are a person having a healthy immune system, or maybe a person who does not smoke, then you should know that HPV will most often treat itself within two years. If you are a person who does not have a wholesome immune system or a regular smoker, than it might take a little longer than that.

In those few cases, where genital warts are visible, you are able to use treatment to deal with them. Keep in mind, these treatments will only treat the genital warts, not really the HPV. Some remedies might include of topical creams, burning the warts, freezing the warts with liquid nitrogen. You may even have surgery to eliminate the warts.

If a pap smear test, proves that there are cervical abnormalities, then you will discover some remedies for that too. Most doctors will remove the impacted tissue prior to it actually becomes cancerous. If HPV is detected via a pap smear, then most doctors will just monitor it, to make sure it does not turn out to be cancerous. Treating the genital warts and also the cervical abnormalities is the only treatment available for HPV. Other than that, all you can really do is wait, and allow it to resolve on its own.

Although there are no HPV cures, you will find actions to take that can avoid this STD. One method is to be abstinent, something which most may not want to do. There is also condomsFeature Articles, but not the greatest preventive technique available. There is also an HPV shot available but it only assists to avoid it. The HPV shot does not assist those who already have this infection.


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