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Monday, June 24, 2019
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Why You Should Have Your Own Business Online (Or How to Avoid Being a Financial Casualty!)

The article explains and tries to make people aware that they need not be a casualty of a financial crisis if they only learn to create their own business. That starting and creating a successful business is no longer very difficult and does not require much money because the internet has made this possible for everyone. An online business if successful not only can provide an alternative income but can also make some wealthy. The article also explains the concept of wealth in terms of having assets that can provide a passive income. It also points to where you can learn how to start an internet marketing inexpensively and in a simple step-by-step manner.

The current financial crisis has once again created hardship for many people. And like in any financial down-turn this hardship has mainly to do with people losing their jobs.

It illustrates once again what guys like Robert Kiyosaki has been saying all along; i.e. that depending solely on your job for financial security is a very insecure thing. This trend of 'hire and fire' born of the culture of rewards for short term results means that workers, like any business resource, can be downsized any time.

If one should take a step back and ask why most in life ended working at a job, the usual answer is that everybody has to grow up and get a good job. You would need a job to have money so that you can afford the things you desire; marry, have kids you can support, put a roof over your head, have nice things in the house and holidays.

In other words, a job means you can lead a good life. It is not wrong to think that money is important in life; the question really is how much of a good life do you desire and how do you secure it.

To have a good home and provide well for your family could mean that you earn a very good income, like a doctor or banker and have it in a short time or earn a reasonable income but take almost all your life to acquire it. Off course, if you lose your job and do not have another income, you would be in trouble dealing with debts.

The real truth is working at a job seldom gets you wealthy not unless you are among the 5 per cent who earn a big income. The other truth is that the wealthy are so, not by working for money; they let their financial assets work for them. Thus being wealthy means having assets that provide the level of passive income one needs; i.e. financial freedom!

The real question is, if you do not inherit wealth and are not earning a big income, whether you can be wealthy too. The answer is yes and it's about starting your own business.

It used to be, to own a business, is hard and requires a lot of money and expertise. This has now changed with the internet.

The secret is that, in today's world, learning to start a business is no longer that difficult, it also does not cost much. The internet has made it possible. The secret therefore is to start an Internet Marketing business. A successful online business can provide you with the passive income you need; a wealth generating asset! You can do this part-time until it provides you with a regular and bigger income than your job.

You can also go to  to find the simple program that would actually show you how to make it in the internet marketing business.

Designed by arguably the most successful super affiliate and rated highly by some of the most successful online practictionersHealth Fitness Articles, the program provided is complete and would teach you the complete skills to make it. It's also done in a simple step-by-step manner which allows even the novice to follow.

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Louis Lim is a highly qualified and very experienced Certified Management Consultant who promotes entrepreneurship as basic skills for financial security! Louis has identified Internet Marketing as the latest opportunity for those seeking financial independence. He has decades of experience consulting for many firms and mentors many business people. He shares his business skills on the internet. To learn how on to make money in a internet business, go to

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